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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Junior news - November 2011

CPT juniors in action


Velodrome - Saturday 3 December

Just to remind everybody there will be a coached training session this Saturday at the Velodrome from 13:30-15:00. This replaces the usual Saturday morning session – we will have three coaches and plenty of action. There will be no escape even if it rains so do bring run kit as well as bike kit.

See you there – remember track mitts/gloves and helmet and no bottles on your bike.

We have also booked the Velodrome on Saturday 17 December.

Session fees will be £5 for adults and £3 for juniors or inclusive for those who have annual training membership.


parkrun - 25 November

Sheila reports from the Wimbledon Common parkrun on Saturday 25 November.

Our 1st parkrun
On Saturday Elle, Harry and I raced our first ever parkrun at Wimbledon Common.  It was also the first time that all of us had run 5K, they usually run less and I usually run more!  Jon sent us off with a plan, I was to pace Harry round the first couple of kilometres and then drop back to encourage Elle round the last couple of kilometres.  Well best laid plans and all that, the fella took us by surprise on the start line with a very quiet but sudden 'Go' and over 200 of us were off.  Harry flew away but I did have Elle in my sights for the first 2k, then she eeked ahead and basically they both left me for dust!  Pace them!!!  Both were fastest U14 for their gender (that week) with very impressive times and I came in over a minute after Elle with both of them cheering me on, finishing 3rd female in my age category.

33rd 20:32 Harry Horsman
77th 23:34 Elle Horsman
111th 24:43 Sheila Horsman

The junior parkrun page has also been updated.


London Region Awards

CPT - London Region Club of the Year 2011

From left to right: Alex Yee, Ron Yee, Phil Taylor, Sue Cooper, James Falshaw. Front: Joseph Yee and Natalie Falshaw, collecting the London Region Club of the Year trophy at the London Region Awards night on 19 November.

Alex & Phil at the London Region awards

Alex collecting his London Region trophy for coming 3rd TriStar 3 boy.


New member

Welcome to new member Pedro Silva.


London Youth Games X-Country - 19 November

Natalie and Tammy represented Bromley (4th) in the U13 girls at the LYG cross-country race at Parliament Hill on Saturday 19 November. Isaac represented Lambeth (8th) and Alex represented Southwark (22nd).

19 nov 2011
London Youth Games X-Country

Full results

Pos  Time Name
Under 13 girls (Winner - 07:06 / 205 finishers / Bromley 2nd)
11 07:54 Natalie Falshaw
33 08:25 Tammy Falshaw
Under 13 boys (Winner - 06:45 / 186 finishers / Lambeth 9th)
18 07:25 Isaac Brown
Under 15 boys (Winner - 09:15 / 159 finishers / Southwark 14th)
23 10:32 Alex Yee


Bromley Schools X-Country - 19 November

Report by Daniella Robson

Bromley Schools X CountryOn the19th of November Crystal Palace held a race for lots of schools in Bromley.  The groups that raced were

Year 3&4 Boys 1800m run
Year 3&4 Girls 1800m run
Year 5&6 Boys 2000m run
Year 5&6 Girls 2000m run

There were many schools racing such as St Mary’s, Royston,  Alexandra Junior school (my school) and Balgowan School. There were roughly 400-500 children in each group and many of them were very good runners.

Bromley Schools X CountryIt was hard in the race because there were always people barging in front and overtaking without any warning.  It was also very hard to make out the course so you had to just be very cautious about where to go so that you didn’t get lost. But I think it was pretty hard to lose your way because, since there were so many people you just had to follow the crowd and the noise!!!

Daniella - Bromley Schools X CountryAt one point I slid over because that section of the path was totally covered in leaves. But I picked myself up and carried on. Some others that had run in the race and fallen gave up there and then.

At the end of the race I was totally out of breath like many other people because most of the race was uphill but, there were a few very steep places.

Out of 500 girls I came in at 88th place but only the top five runners got a medal.

13 nov 2011
Hillingdon Duathlon

Full results

Pos  Run 1 & Bike Run Time Name
Tristar 1 (9-10) - 0.75km / 4.5km / 1.5km (approx)
13 13:51
07:59 21:50 Matthew Brogan
18 15:06 11:46 26:52 Eva Sudbury
Tristar 2 (11-12) - 0.75km / 4.5km / 1.5km (approx)
3 14:53 05:32 20:25 Isaac Brown
4 14:53 06:01 20:54 Harry Horsman
10 15:37 07:33 23:10 Archie Dunnill
12 16:32 06:42 23:14 Elle Horsman
16 16:20
08:09 24:29 Nik Pusey
17 16:54 07:46 24:40 Max Sudbury
Tristar 3 (13-14) - 0.75km / 7.5km / 1.5km (approx)
6 18:01
07:19 25:20 Morris Pusey
Youth (15-16) - 0.75km / 10.5km / 1.5km (approx)
5 23:41
06:40 30:21 Greta Sharp


Youth Volunteer of the Year

JoeCongratulations to Joe Kidson for being awarded the London Region Young Volunteer of the Year and the BTF National Young Volunteer of the Year.

For the second year in a row head coach, Jon Horsman, was awarded London Region Children’s Coach of the Year. CPT was awarded London Region Club of the Year, so congratulations to everyone!

If you want to go along to celebrate, and take part in the bowling competition, details of the London Region awards party on Saturday 19 November are available on the London Region website.


Evans Ride It - Sunday 13 November

TammyNatalieWell done to Natalie and Tammy Falshaw who cycled round the Evans Ride It Fun Biggin Hill route with their mum and dad on Sunday in a time of 2:27:04.


Hillingdon Duathlon - 13 November

Report by Isaac Brown

I, along with many other CPT Juniors, did the Hillingdon Duathlon and as usual it had a 0.75km run, a 6km bike and a final 1.5km run. Unexpectedly it was sunny, compared to the usual rain at Hillingdon, but it was still pretty windy.

Isaac & Harry at HillingdonSo we eventually set off on the first run:  Not surprisingly it was very fast, and in no time I was at transition. I had decided to wear cleats, so I was slightly slower, but it would hopefully pay off on the bike. During the time in transition, a person somehow seemed to disappear beyond the first corner, so I thought I was in 2nd going into the bike but really I was 3rd!
On the bike leg I was pretty much alongside Harry the whole time and he also thought there was only one person ahead of us. I had tried to save as much energy as possible, so I went off hard in the run to pursue the opposition.

I could see the guy in front and I was gaining steadily. As I came up to the finishing straight I could see I wasn’t going to catch him, so I was expecting to come second. So when I finished, to my astonishment (and Harry’s), we had come third and fourth! In front of us (I think) was Robert Hall (1st) and Elliot Lassiter (2nd).


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Hillingdon Duathlon

Hillingdon Triathlon Club are hosting a junior (and adult) duathlon on Sunday 13 November.  It is at Minet Park Circuit, a location many of you have trained at, just under an hour from Crystal Palace driving first thing on a Sunday morning.  For those who haven’t been before it’s a tarmac track, a mile round with a bit of 'up and down' and a couple of bends, but no cars and lots of fun!

Races are in the morning in the format of run – bike – run and the distance you race is dependant on your age as at the end of the year.
It’s fairly cheap to enter and all very low key, so perfect to try and get a place if you’ve done it before or for first timers alike.

It would be great to have a strong club presence at the race!

The Race will replace the normal Junior Saturday session and Jon will be their in a coaching capacity.

You can enter at via the Tristar/Youth link on the Hillingdon Triathletes website.


parkrun result

IsaacIsaac ran the Brockwell Park parkrun today in 19:02. He came 10th overall and was the first junior to finish, holding onto his record as fastest under 14 on that course.

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