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Crystal Palace Triathlon

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Sun 2 October: Dulwich Run

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Junior news - September 2011

CPT juniors in action


Balated parkrun result

Michael did the Bromley parkrun for the first time ini 20:50 on 13 August. He got his fastest 5k time and has been added to the parkrun results page. Michael ran at Bromley again on 3 September and matched his previous time to the second!


Change to training schedule - Saturday 1 October

Audrey has advised that the indoor track has been booked this Saturday from 10:00-11:00.  So we will be doing our circuits session outdoors.

Head for the large open area next to the children's play area on the lower section of the park, its near the parkrun start line.
Session will be at the usual time 09:30-11:00.

Please make sure you have plenty of fluids with you and some suncream as it looks like it's going to be a hot one.


How to Break a Cycling Track Record

Report by Alex Yee

Alex getting is book signedMy dad and I attended the Engineering Club: Cycling Night at the Building Centre. The talk was titled ‘How to Break a Cycling Track Record’ and was given by the World Record breaking Graeme Obree and the designers of the 2012 Olympic Velodrome.

The presentation by the velodrome designers was very interesting and there were lots of slides. I was surprised to hear that there are two types of Olympic cycling tracks, the German type which has rounder bends and shorter straights and the Australian type which has tighter bends and longer straights (this suits sprinters). The London Velodrome has the Australian track. We also heard that hot humid air was less dense than air at normal temperature and easier to cycle faster. For the Olympic finals the designers said that the track would be heated to increase the chances of a record being broken.

Last of all Graeme Obree spoke about looking at everything with fresh eyes. He showed slides of how he developed his ideas on bikes, riding position and breathing. He also spoke about the UCI changing rules after every one of his developments and how he thought it was good otherwise it would only be the team with the most money that could win. He also said the difference between a good athlete and a record breaker is that the record breaker is prepared to go into the danger zone and hopes he doesn’t die!!!!!

After the talk I spoke with Graeme Obree and got him to sign my Flying Scotsman book. His advice to me was “do your homework” and wrote “never give up” in my book.

Editor's note: In case you don't know who Graeme Obree is, he's a Scottish racing cyclist, nicknamed "The Flying Scotsman", who twice broke the world hour record, was individual pursuit world champion in 1993 and 1995, known for his unusual riding positions and for his "Old Faithful" bicycle he built, including parts from a washing machine!


Inter-Regional Championships 2011

Alex looking worriedReport by Alex Yee

This year the Inter-Regional Championships was held in Sunderland at Hetton Lyons Country Park and was a six hour drive away. We travelled up the day before the race so we could swim and cycle the course and get to know the more dangerous parts (but of course the weather was terrible). Ironically on Sunday the weather was wonderful.

The race was earlier than the norm with us having to leave the hotel for the race at 7:30 am with, my race to begin at 10:45 am. It was a very nerve racking experience waiting and watching all the other athletes competing but you just have to think about what you will have to do and simulate how you want your race to go.

At 10:35 we entered the water which was really warm 15 degrees (and shallow). We got to have a wet warm up and in ten minutes our race began.

The start was a very quick open water swim but I held on to the back of the group but came out really dizzy from putting so much effort to stay with the group in the swim so didn’t have the best transition but got in a group of five and caught a lot of people and recorded one of the fastest cycles in the race.

Some things you can plan for but some things you can’t, when I went into transition somebody racked their bike into my space so lost my group of six and never caught them back. I had a stitch but still recorded an OK run and finished up in 16th place which was OK as I still have another year in my age group.

Overall I believe this race has been a great learning curve for me as I now know how much the standard has raised and I now know what I need to work on to help me improve with my performance. Which has taught me that training can be fun but is there to help us as athletes improve and learn. You should show respect for our coaches as they always want the best for us and we should connect with them as it will make our coached sessions better and more beneficial for all of us as athletes.

I would like to thank Jon and Phil for coaching and advising me and also Joe and Sally for lending me a trisuit that fitted me so I could run in the name of Kidson!

The London Region came 8th out of 11. View photographs of Alex in action.


Pool closure - St Josephs - 27 September

We have just been advised, this morning, that the pool at St Joseph's will not be open this evening. Apologies for the short notice.


Hever Castle Triathlon - Sprint (The Anne Boleyn)

Adam with no helmetHopefully Adam will write a race report to accompany his results and my brief round-up below. .

Adam was the only one of his age to take part in the Hever Sprint so should have won a prize but no presentations were made in his age category.

Despite forgetting to put his helmet on in transition, crossing the timing mat, mounting his bike then having to run all the way back to transition, he managed to knock over five minutes off last year's time.

View photos of Adam in action on Facebook.

24 sep 2011
Hever Castle Triathlon

400m / 20k / 4k
Winner - 1:04:02
1102 finishers
Full results

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
563 09:54 54:49 23:59 1:32:06 Adam Efrat


Club Champs update

As the triathlon race season draws to a close there is one final event remaining in the CPT Junior Club Championships, the Dulwich Park Run on Sunday 2 October.

It is a one mile run for primary age and two miles for secondary age, up to 15 years old.  Entry is on the day, usually a couple of quid and takes place whilst the 10k is going on so from around 10:15 onwards, with the junior races starting from around 11:00.

There was a massive turn out of CPT juniors last year with lots of podium places too, all presented by Jo Brand!  A lot of adult members having run the 10k stayed to support the juniors, so make sure you wear your club kit to get a big cheer.  If you would like to purchase a CPT running vest please email Brigit 

So finally the crucial bit…..the team scores!

Wiggos 779
Cavs 857

Remember everyone earns 10 points for their team for taking part.

Which team will win the esteemed honour of Club Champions?


View Hillingdon photosHillingdon - 11September

View Ron's photographs from the cycle session at Hillingdon on Sunday 11 September.


New members

Welcome to new members Leonardo, Archie and Moritz.


CPT at the Crystal Palace parkrun - 3 Septemberparkrun - 3 September

Crystal Palace parkrun
49th   29:24    Adam Efrat

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