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Crystal Palace Triathlon

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Sun 2 October: Dulwich Run

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Junior news - August 2011

CPT juniors in action


Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon - 29 August

Joe swimmingJoe on his bikeJoe raced at the last sprint triathlon in this year's Thames Turbo series. Joe came 10th overall and won his age group. Congratulations!

Photos: Phil O'Connor Photography.

29 Aug 2011
Thames Turbo Triathlon

432m / 21k / 5k
Winner - 58:44
406 finishers
Full results

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
11 07:36 34:46 19:15 1:01:37 Joe Kidson


Bromley parkrun - 27 August

Natalie came 51st overall in 21:43, and 2nd junior female.


Lausanne Sprint Triathlon

Natalie and Tammy Falshaw competed in the Lausanne Sprint Triathlon.

21 august 2011
Lausanne Junior Triathlon
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
Girls 12-13
1:30 13:39 6:10 25:55 Natalie
Girls 10-11
11 1:34 7:11 5:20 16:53 Tammy


Bromley Cyclist of the Year Award

Abi and her trophyCongratulations to Abi for finishing 3rd at the Bromley Cyclist of the Year Award.

When Abi did really well in her Bikeability Level 2 at school she was selected for the final in Norman Park where she had to perform a number of practical tests and a theory test as well. Abi finished with the same number of points as the 1st and 2nd placed children and only lost out on a tie-break!

The photo shows a very proud Abi with her award, and a very proud Dad just behind who says "I think Abi's bike handling skills are considerably better than mine".


Athlete of the month - July

Jamal and RonCongratulations to Jamal and Michael who were awarded Athlete of the Month for July.

Jamal has made continual improvement with his swimming, cycling and running since joining the Club.  He attends the sessions regularly and has a great attitude to training and always works hard.

Michael achieved some superb race results this year, especially in the latter part of the season.  His swimming and running remain strong and he continues to improve his cycling.

Well done to you both!


Summer training camp report

By Michael Eagling

Day 1 - Brockwell Lido

Fun a the CPT junior summer training campOn Tuesday 26 July, the three day summer training camp commenced with swimming at Brockwell Lido, which is an open air pool. It was going to be my first time in ‘open water’, but luckily I’d just borrowed a wet suit from the Club –  I’d tried the wet suit on at home – not easy to put on, and apparently I’d put it on back to front – how was I to know the zip went at the back!! All of the Club members, apart from very brave Jamal, wore their wetsuits as open air pools can be very cold, (freezing I would say), but you wouldn’t think it though as some of the ‘ordinary’ people there were wearing normal swimming costumes!

When I first got in the water, it chilled me right to the bone, but after a while I got used to it, and swimming helped warm me up.

After about an hour of swimming, (including a few jogs round the pool if we started feeling cold), it was running. We split into groups - my group did 2 and 1 minute runs with rests in between. After we had regrouped, we did some circuit training, with a minute on each section – I really liked the press-ups – NOT!, but the playing catch while balancing on a blow-up wobbly stone was fun. . To finish we did relay races.

Day 2 - Alleyns School

CPT juniors cycling at the junior summer training campThe second day of the summer training camp was at Alleyns School – and was everything - swimming, cycling, and running. We started with swimming, doing some drills and different strokes, and at the end we split into teams for a float relay race.

The cycling was at Alleyns Memorial Ground and we rode around on a gravel track. Unfortunately I fell off my bike and cut my hand. It really stung - I’ll make sure I wear my gloves in future! Thanks for the plasters Paul.

To finish off we had some cycling and running races.

Two days down one to go!

Day 3 - Richmond Park

Paul, Jon and Dean coaching the CPT junior summer training campLast day – and just cycling. As we had done the other days we split into groups - my group did some long circuits around the park. On the first loop we cycled the perimeter going clockwise, then we did it again but this time it was anti-clockwise. We then did some hill reps, which means cycling up and down a hill a number of times. Up's much harder than down, trust me – but downhill is fun – although the speed bumps made it interesting!

Finally the three days were over. I was really tired but I know the training will come to good use. I would like to thank Jon and the other coaches and helpers. It couldn’t have been done without you!


New member

Welcome to new member Lexie Webb.


New sessions starting in September

From Tuesday 6 September we will have an additional junior swim session, from 19:00-20:00 at St Joseph's College, Beulah Hill. There will also be one/two lanes available for parent members and other members who want an uncoached swim.

On Monday nights we will be holding bike/run and turbo sessions at Crystal Palace. Further details will be announced nearer the time. Watch this space!


Training schedule

The training schedule has been updated for August. A number of sessions have been cancelled during the holiday period so please check the schedule before turning up!

29 juLy 2011
Club Aquathlon results
Swim out Run Time Name
TriStar 1 150m swim and 1k run
8.13 11.28 Mali
4.00 8.39 12.39 Lottie
3.17 9.31 12.48 Joseph
TriStar 2 250m swim and 1.5k run
4.20 10.34 14.54 Elle
5.15 11.58 17.13 Sumer
5.03 13.06 18.09 Georgina
TriStar 3 swim 400m and 2k run
5.35 9.21 14.56 Alex
5.35 9.37 15.12 Nats
5.05 11.28 16.33 Adam

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