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Crystal Palace Triathlon

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Sat 16 Jul: Optima Aquathlon

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Junior news - July 2011

CPT juniors in action

jul 30

New sessions starting in September

From Tuesday 6 September we will have an additional junior swim session, from 19:00-20:00 at St Joseph's College, Beulah Hill. There will also be one/two lanes available for parent members and other members who want an uncoached swim.

On Monday nights we will be holding bike/run and turbo sessions at Crystal Palace. Further details will be announced nearer the time. Watch this space!

jul 30

Training schedule

The training schedule has been updated for August. A number of sessions have been cancelled during the holiday period so please check the schedule before turning up!

jul 28

New member

Welcome to new member Leonardo Bertocchi.

jul 25

parkrun results

Natalie (21:35) and Tammy (24:10) ran the Bromley parkrun on Saturday 23 July. Congratulations to Natalie on a new PB. You can see all the PBs on our parkrun Roll of honour page.


jul 21

Club champs update

The Trinity Triathlon, the 9th event in the club champs series took place on 10 July.  There was a massive 24 of you racing but also a further eight juniors who wanted to race but couldn't due to illness/injury or not getting a place   That's three quarters of the junior club!  Wow, you lot are keen.

Points for the Trinity Triathlon were as follows:

WIGGOs 135 including 5 bonus points awarded to Alex Y, Freddie and Oliver
CAVs 112 including 2 bonus points awarded to Michael

So, with one event remaining the Wiggos have closed the gap slightly and are 78 points behind.

CAVs 857
WIGGOs 779

Peter and James skateboardingThe final event is the Dulwich Park run in October, remember last year the Wiggos were behind and came out in force for this event to steal the championship!  The date hasn't been advertised yet but it is usually the first weekend in October, so pencil in Sunday 2 October and we'll let you know when we find out.

Lastly, a big thank you to Sara and Alice for organising the picnic and Jon for organising the rounders match, hope you enjoyed yourself... and it wasn't just the juniors having fun, it was the big kids too!

jul 21

Optima Aquathlon

Click to view photos from Optima AquathlonWell done to Matthew Adam and Alex who raced at the Optima Aquathalon on Saturday 16 July. Results below.

Unfortunately we were saddened at the news of the recent death of fellow junior triathlete Jack Boerick of Optima Racing. A minutes silence was observed and the race was dedicated to him.

Thanks to Ron for the photos.

16 juLy 2011
Optima Aquathlon results
Pos Swim Run Time Name
TriStar 1
18 04:26 06:16 12:10 Matthew Brogan
TriStar 3
1 05:08 08:40 14:39 Alex Yee
10 04:59 12:02 17:59 Adam Efrat

jul 18

Vouchers thank you

Sara and Karen would like to thank everyone for the wonderful job you all did in collecting over 4000 Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers. With these we have added two new small wetsuits to the Club's equipment.

In addition, we have used the Tesco vouchers for a new First Aid Kit which hopefully will not be well used, but always good to be prepared!

jul 14

Athlete of the month - June

JoeCongratulations to Joe Kidson who was awarded athlete of the month in June.  He has achieved outstanding race performances over the past six weeks and as always shows his commitment to the Club, not only at training sessions and races, but writing reports for the website and marshalling at the Trinity Triathlon (as he is too old to race!).

Well done Joe, you are a fantastic role model.

Columbia shirts were also awarded to Tammy, Luc, Joseph and Matthew to wear during July. 

jul 11

Photos from Trinity

Congratulations to everyone who represented CPT at the Trinity Triathlon on Sunday 10 July.

Thanks to Ron for his photos from Trinity and to James for the photos on the right.

The race was followed by the summer picnic and games on the school playing field.

10 juLy 2011
Trinity Triathlon results
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
TriStart - 50m swim / 1.1k bike / 600m run
2 01:38 05:45 03:21 10:44 Oliver Cahill
TriStar 1 - 150m swim / 4k bike / 1.2k run
4 03:33
14:25 06:08 23:38 Lizzie Grace
8 03:39 14:40 07:53 26:12 Eva Sudbury
4 02:48 11:08 05:14 19:10 Alex Cahill
8 02:56 11:33 06:01 20:30 Luc Hoolahan
10 03:21 11:49 05:44 20:54 Matthew Brogan
12 03:14 11:47 06:07 21:08 Jay Chitnavis
14 03:26 11:30 06:50 21:46 Joseph Yee
TriStar 2 - 200m swim / 6k bike / 1.8k run
5 04:32 15:58 08:22 28:52 Tammy Falshaw
6 03:17 16:43 09:01 29:01 Sasha Tinkler-Davies
9 03:23 16:18 10:30 30:11 Elle Horsman
2 03:14 15:31 08:08 26:53 Michael Eagling
3 04:20 14:12 08:24 26:56 Freddie Argent
7 03:47 14:30 11:36 29:53 Harry Horsman
8 04:36 15:49 09:50 30:15 Dominic King
18 04:54 17:59 10:11 33:04 Max Sudbury
20 03:49 21:18 10:56 36:03 Nik Pusey
TriStar 3 - 250m swim / 8k bike / 2.2k run
6 03:30 20:12 09:35 33:17 Natalie Falshaw
1 03:56 16:45 08:26 29:07 Alex Yee
9 04:28 17:08 11:18 32:54 Sam Singer-Ripley
12 03:37 18:23 11:47 33:47 Adam Efrat
13 04:49 19:42 11:17 35:48 Morris Pusey
17 05:01 18:02 14:00 37:03 Ben Allan
Youths - 300m swim / 10k bike / 2.5k run
3 04:05 21:48 10:55 36:48 Greta Sharp

1 juLy 2011
Club Aquathlon results and Photos
Swim out Run Time Name
TriStar 1 150m swim and 1k run
8:33 11:43 Mali
2:45 8:58 11:43 Luc
3:17 9:17 12:34 Joseph
TriStar 2 250m swim and 1.5k run
4:27 9:33 14:00 Tammy
4:57 11:23 16:20 Nik
5:11 11:46 16:57 Georgina
5:32   Not recorded Abi
TriStar 3 swim 400m and 2k run
5.28 7:30 12:58 Alex
5:43   Not recorded Nats
6:58 11:23 18:21 Morris
Youths 400m swim and 2.5k run
6:25 09:31 15:56 Tim

jul 07

Tooting Lido Race - 1 July

By Elle Horsman

As I am a member of the South London Swimming Club based at Tooting Lido, this year we all went to their summer BBQ.  Before tucking into our food there were some swimming races! 

I signed up for the kids two width race (60m) but somehow I was persuaded to take part in the half mile race.  As the pool is soooooo long (90m) I had to swim eight and a half lengths.  As I got in the pool my teeth chattered and I was shivering.  It was a non wet suit swim and the temperature was about 22 degrees, so a little chilly while we bobbed around half way up the pool waiting to start.  When I looked about there were only adults, although there were a few other kids who were further across the pool.  We were organised into estimated swim times and because my dad put down some crazy time, I was on the 'elite' side of the pool.  Two minutes later the horn went and we started swimming. 

The lengths went on for ever until the counter said there were only two to go.  I sped up knowing I was doing well and far from last.  I climbed out to a round of applause and as my mum wrapped a towel round me I asked "am I blue?"  My dad was really pleased with me for completing the distance but the first words he said were "why didn't you tumble turn?"

After quickly dressing and warming up I enjoyed the BBQ and some dancing.  At the prize giving Harry received a gold medal for winning the kids race and then they announced I had won the under 12's half mile race and I was amazed by the whacking great big trophy I was presented.  My time overall was 15 minutes and 6 seconds, I was really proud of myself.

jul 06

Photos from Dorney

Thanks to Ron for his photos from Dorney.

jul 06

Herne Hill Velodrome to close for maintenance

The session on Tuesday 12 July will be the last for at least six weeks as the Velodrome is closing for maintenance. Keep an eye on the Veldrome website for updates.

jul 06

Club Champs update

At the end of June, 12 daring juniors undertook the Children's open water race at Dorney Lake.  What an event, on the hottest day of the year everyone who raced received a very cool 'Super Tri' (instead of Super Dry) t shirt!  

So with the Wiggos scoring 50 points and the Cavs scoring 70 points, the overall scores after eight events are...

WIGGOs 644
CAVs 745

Top scorers for the Wiggos are Adam and Elle and top scorers for the Cavs are Luc and  Harry.

There are only two events remaining in the Club Champs, many of you are racing the Trinity Triathlon (don't forget our picnic afterwards!) this weekend and then the Dulwich Park run in October, date to be confirmed.

Read Joe's Dorney report below and Matthew's on the June news page.

jul 04

London Youth Games

Congratulations to Joe Kidson for coming 3rd overall in the senior cycling event at the London Youth Games in a time of 08:00. Joe rode four laps of Crystal Palace, representing Southwark.

Well done to all the other CPT members representing their boroughs:

Seniors: Tim Leake, 09:00; Sam Singer-Ripley, 09:09; Adam Efrat, 09:43.

Youths: Alex Yee, 04:08; Ben Allan 04:19; Joseph Yee, 05:23; Greta Sharp, 06:55 (Greta came off her bike but got back on and finished).

Full results.

Tim, Greta, Alex, Sam and Natalie also took part in the Aquathlon.
250m swim and 2km run
Year 10: Tim came 13th (13:25)
Year 9: Greta came 4th (12:31)
200m swim and 1km run
Year 8: Alex came 6th (07:54) and Sam came 28th (09:00)
Year 7: Natalie came 9th (08:07)

Full results.

Thanks to Ron for the photos.

jul 01

Dorney Open Water Triathlon

By Joe Kidson

Having set off early Sunday morning, we arrived in plenty of time at Dorney Lake, the Olympic Rowing venue for 2012. After making our way to the CPT camp, we had a while of trying to relax in the sun before it was time to get ready. However, since I was taking part in a draft-legal race, the marshals at transition were checking everyone’s bikes. N.B. Trying to convince someone that your tri-bars are draft-legal even when they aren’t is not easy! Thanks to the somewhat lenient marshal, who didn’t seem that bothered and let me through.

After a slight rush to the swim start, and a short warm-up in the warm water, we were ready to go. I was in a relatively small wave so there was very little jostling throughout the swim, although this decreased the chance to get to grips with the fastest swimmers in my age band.
A speedy transition, helped by the session the previous day, enabled me to get on the wheel of a small group. As we began to work together we slowly reeled in some dropped riders until there was only a group of 4 ahead of us. Right at the end of the bike I made a quick break to get a crucial headstart on the run.

The heat which had warmed the lake to a, for once, reasonable temperature, bit back on the run. Despite my break, the eventual winner soon passed me at an incredible pace. Thankfully the others, like me, were all feeling the heat and took things at a more human speed.

Finishing 5th was a great feeling after all the hard work over the winter, although I could have done with the hose they had last year. Well done everybody who took part, and all the parents who came to support. See you on the podium next year!

You can also read Matthew's report on the Dorney Triathlon and view the race results on the June news page.

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