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Crystal Palace Triathlon

Dates for your diary!

Details can be found on the Training page and Events page

Sun 19 Jun: Thames Turbo Junior Aquathlon

Sun 26 Jun: Children's Open Water Triathlon at Dorney Lake, Eton

Sun 10 Jul: Trinity Triathlon

Sat 16 Jul: Optima Aquathlon

You can also see the full training schedule for the next few weeks.

Junior news - May 2011

CPT juniors in action

may 31

Junior photos

View photos from Hatch EndThanks to James, Natalie and Tammy's dad, for the photographs from Hatch End.

Ron's photos from Hatch End, Hillingdon and Crystal Palace can be seen in Ron's online gallery.

Brian's photos from the Crystal Palace Triathlon can be seen on his website.

may 28

parkrun PB

IsaacCongratulations to Isaac for getting another PB at the Brockwell Park parkrun on Saturday 28 May. Brigit, Isaac's mum, also got a PB.

Isaac finished 8th in a time of 18:50, making him the current JM14 record holder for Brockwell Park!

may 28

Crystal Palace Triathlon

Abi at Crystal PalaceWell done to all our juniors who raced on Sunday 22 May, a big day for the Club!

Of course the Crystal Palace Triathlon was part of our Junior Club Championships, it was really close with the following points scored.....

Cavs - 152 (Natalie scored two bonus points)
Wiggos - 145 (Alex Y and James A scored two bonus points each and Tammy scored one)

So, after four events, scores on the doors are...
Cavs - 435
Wiggos - 300

Maya and Greta have joined the Wiggos and welcome to new member Jamal who is a Cav. 

CPT RACE - Junior Results - Head Coach's View

This year the Club had 30 (+4 wannabee) juniors racing across five Tristar categories, the skill, effort and enthusiasm was fantastic with all of you proud to be part of the Club race and compete in your CPT colours.

The improvement from last year was evident with numerous podium places and everyone finishing in much better shape than last year and with a smile on their face, this is down to everyone's hard work through the winter months.

- In the youths we had Greta, James A and Tim
- T3s; Adam, Alex Y,  Ben A, Louis, Maya, Morris, Natalie and Sam
- T2s; Abi M, Ben H, Dom, Elle, Freddie, Georgina, Harry, Isaac, Michael, Nik, Sumer, and  Tammy
- T1s; Alex C, Lizzy, Luc, Joseph, Mali and Matthew
- Tristarts; Lotte, Louis, Oliver & Tomas (who have tried out some sessions with their brothers or sister)
- Joe K who raced for the adult Club team

Many of you will be racing in the same age group next year which means you will have a greater chance of individual success and hopefully regional honours, if you keep up the dedication you have shown this year.

Remember you need four race results to count in the london series and consideration for the IRCs (Junior National Triathlon Championships) - the remaining events being:

Thames Turbo aquathlon - 19th June
Eton open water - 26th June
Trinity school - 10th July and
Optima aquathlon - 16th July

See the Events page for entry details.

Myself and the coaching team are proud of you all.

22 may 2011
Crystal Palace Triathlon
Full results
Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
Tristar 1 - 150m / 4k / 1.2k    


03:19 09:04 06:25 20:43 Alex Cahill
10 03:35 08:42 06:08 20:57 Matthew Brogan
12 03:12 09:20 06:07 21:12 Luc Hoolahan
13 03:33 09:08 06:20 21:17 Mali Jenkins
14 03:41 09:09 07:07 22:02 Joseph Yee
15 03:47 10:40 06:38 23:24 Elizabeth Grace
Tristar 2 - 200m / 6k / 1.8k    
04:37 13:49 05:54 26:49 Isaac Brown
03:52 15:01 06:41 27:41 Harry Horsman
04:43 14:13 06:34 27:43 Freddie Argent
03:42 16:21 06:37 28:41 Tammy Falshaw
11 03:23 16:04 06:16 28:51 Michael Eagling


03:40 16:21 07:36 29:49 Elle Horsman
18 04:48 15:39 07:34 30:41 Dominic King
19 03:58 15:49 08:06 30:53 Nik Pusey
27 04:18 16:42 08:34 32:33 Ben Hull
31 04:23 19:33 09:32 36:31 Georgina Lucas
32 04:25 18:15 11:03 36:38 Abi Morris
34 04:19 20:02 09:28 36:45 Sumer Eaglestone
TriStar 3 - 300m / 8k / 2.4k    
2 04:57 16:36 09:18 32:51 Alex Yee
7 05:09 19:24 10:41 37:13 Natalie Falshaw
10 04:52 19:23 12:10 38:35 Adam Efrat
12 05:36 18:44 12:39 39:34 Sam Singer-Ripley
14 05:56 19:45 11:19 39:48 Morris Pusey

06:45 19:17 13:16 41:47 Ben Allen
23 07:00 23:32 15:40 48:43 Louis Lord
29 07:47 44:09 16:19 1:11:46 Maya Smith
Youth - 350m / 8k / 2.5K    
2 04:22
19:47 10:18 36:16 James Allen
07:03 22:50 10:51 43:52 Tim Leake

may 28

Athlete of the month - April

IsaacIsaac was awarded Athlete of the Month in April for his great race performances and his professional attitude to training.  He has achieved continual PBs at the parkrun on Saturdays and also represented his borough in the Mini Marathon 5K.

Congratulations Isaac!

8 may 2011
Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon
Full results
Age group Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
TriStar 1 - 165m / 2k / 1.2k  

13 02:35 08:41 05:45 19:31 Luc Hoolahan


14 03:38 07:12 06:06 19:32 Matthew Brogan
TriStar 2 - 212m / 3k / 1.8k  
  9 04:41 08:15 06:54 22:21 Isaac Brown
03:43 08:42 08:40 23:37 Harry Horsman
03:47 10:43 07:23 24:03 Tammy Falshaw
03:34 09:58 09:12 24:58 Elle Horsman
04:34 09:33 08:52 25:07 Dominic King
04:02 10:25 09:52 27:45 Nik Pusey
TriStar 3 - 306m / 4k / 2.4k  
  2 04:52 09:58 09:02 25:35 Alex Yee
  7 05:00 13:30 09:25 29:49 Natalie Falshaw
  9 04:52 11:51 11:21 30:20 Adam Efrat
  12 05:27 11:06 11:53 30:36 Sam Ripley-Singer
  17 05:51 12:00 11:02 31:46 Morris Pusey
  18 05:12 12:42 11:46 31:53 Alice Hoolahan
Youth - 400m / 5k / 3k  
  3 04:42
13:26 10:48 30:43 James Allen
1 may 2011
Hillingdon Duathlon
Full results
Age group Pos 1st run
+ bike
Run Time Name
Tristar 1 - 0.75km / 4.5km / 1.5km    

3 F 14:42 07:56 22:38 Mali Jenkins
  4 M 13:57 07:36 21:33 Joseph Yee
  5 M 14:16 08:03 22:19 Matthew Brogan
  7 M 14:58 08:17 23:15 Luc Hoolahan
Tristar 2 - 0.75km / 6.0km / 1.5km    

  3 F 17:21 08:50 26:11 Elle Horsman
  2 M 14:46 05:54 20:40 Isaac Brown
  8 M 17:06 05:59 23:05 Michael Eagling
  9 M 16:35 06:44 23:19 Harry Horsman
  12 M 16:26 08:17 24:43 Nik Pusey
  13 M 16:56 07:51 24:47 Ben Hull
  14 M 16:37 08:13 24:50 Dominic King
Tristar 3 - 0.75km / 7.5km / 1.5km    
  2 M 17:01 05:56 22:57 Alex Yee
  6 M 18:30 07:33 26:03 Adam Efrat
  8 M 18:23 07:53 26:16 Sam Singer-Ripley
  9 M 19:24 07:27 26:51 Morris Pusey
Youth - 0.75km / 10.5km / 1.5km    
  2 M 19:40 05:38 25:18 James Allen

may 28

Photos from TriSport Epping Junior AquathlonTamsin


Adam James

30 April 2011
TriSport Epping Junior Aquathlon
Full results
Age group Pos Swim Run Time Name

TriStar 2
200m / 1.8k

7 03:22 07:39 11:01 Tammy Falshaw
Tristar 3
300m / 2.4k
2 04:43 09:55 14:38 Natalie Falshaw
Tristar 3
300m / 2.4k
19 04:31 12:23 16:54 Adam Efrat
400m / 3k
1 04:45 10:27 15:12 James Allan

may 27

Club Championship belated updateThe first weekend in May saw the start of the junior London League races, and also the third event in the CPT Club Championships.  19 CPT juniors competed in either the Epping Aquathlon or the Hillingdon Duathlon with Adam and James racing in both!  Well done to everyone, especially to those for whom it was their first race.

CPT at HillingdonAt Hillingdon on Sunday CPT had the biggest turn out of any club and everyone made their presence known with plenty of noise and encouragement for all.

Jon said …. "A great performance by everyone who raced in testing windy conditions.  A great effort from all, particularly by Harry, Morris and Nik who had crashed the previous day.  As usual I was a very proud coach"

Congratulations to the Cavs, who once again had the most team members racing. Hillingdon results were….

Wiggos 75 (70 team points and 5 bonus points for places by James A, Alex Y and Elle)
Cavs 113 (11 team points and bonus points for places by Isaac and Mali)

So, overall scores after three events are…..Wiggos 155  Cavs 283.

may 27

Velodrome reminderTuesday night sessions are back at Herne Hill Velodrome from 18:15-19:30. It is an excellent training venue and well worth coming along if you can make it. Weather permitting we will be there every Tuesday evening from now until the end of September (no session if it's raining).

Please note there are a couple of dress code/safety rules for the juniors - helmets AND cycle gloves are essential. also no bare shoulders - even when it gets very hot.

We do not have access to any loan bikes so it is necessary to bring your own road bike (any sort will be fine).

may 27

Club AquathlonThe first CPT Aquathlon will be held at Trinity on Friday 10th June Please look out on the e-group for further details and information.

may 27

New membersWelcome to new members Lottie Hull and Jamal Williams.

may 27

SLSC Tooting Lido Junior AquathlonThe SLSC Junior Aquathlon takes place on Saturday 9 July. Please visit their website for more information.

may 24

Backlog!Apologies for the lack of news so far this May (and the end of April). I was in Spain for the first week with Bruce and 13 other CPT members, cycling the hills of Almeria.

Since then, I've been completely snowed under with Race admin and haven't had a chance to catch up with news and results. So here's some of the news and I'll catch up with the rest soon, promise.

MAY 24

Beckenham Relays - by Adam Efrat

AdamAround 6.15pn on Wednesday 11th May, after a hard day at school, I was getting myself comfortable on the settee.  My laptop was on, headphones in, listening to some music and ready for a long, lazy evening.  Suddenly, I hear a yell “OMG, Adam quick go get ready!  You should be at the Beckenham relays in 15 minutes.  Greg is going to kill us. I forgot all about it.”  Amazingly, I did as I was told and was unusually ready within a few minutes.

Mum drove, somewhat frantically, and we actually arrived at Beckenham Cricket club at around 6.40  - pretty good going – only to find the race actually didn’t start until 7.30 and we had plenty of time!! I was somewhat nervous when I realised I was the only junior competing.  But at least I was in a team with Uncle Brucie.  He was up first, me second, and Dave last.

When everybody finally arrived and we had our numbers on (there were more CPT members than I thought there would be), we walked down to the start.  By the look of the other competitors I wasn’t sure whether it would be a competitive or a fun race (some of the other competitors were old.  There was even a team called the Croydon Veterans!).  (A little comment from Adam’s mum, ‘I am extremely sorry if you are a runner from the Croydon Veterans.  I don’t condone such disrespect.)  Mum’s. 

Once the first people went off my mother repeatedly told me to stretch and warm up when I had well over 15 minutes (So I did the right thing and ignored her).  (OMG my son is sooooo rude!) (This is my report mum not a conversation!) Sorry ignore her I do.  After a few minutes of nagging I did as I was told and I warmed up with James.

Adam taking over from Uncle BruceI didn’t get nervous until I saw Uncle Bruce’s white socks in the distance.  So I got into position at the start/finish line and waited to get tagged. Once Uncle Bruce tagged me and I had started the run I realised I was going a bit fast and in the back of my mind I could see Jon shaking his head and tutting.  So to appease the Jon in my mind I kept at that speed overtaking three older competitors.

AdamAbout five minutes into the run I saw Emma in the distance about 300m in front of me.  In the Crystal Palace parkrun Emma had beaten me, but in this race she had started in front of me by a bit, so I knew I was doing a better time than her.  I instantly knew that just a better time wasn’t good enough I had to be in front.  Phil’s words rang through my head at that point “Run until it hurts then keep going.” So I picked up the pace to catch Emma. When I was about 20m away from her there was an incline and she started to slow. I knew that this was my chance so I powered up the hill and got in front of her.  Unfortunately I forgot that the hill kept going after I overtook Emma and had another 200m of incline and Emma close behind.  I held her off until the top of the hill where she over took me. Once again the imaginary Jon was tutting and shaking his head again. So I got in front of Emma on the downhill. This is how the race went on until we re-entered the park.  I was in front but Emma was about to overtake me. Once in the park there was a constant hill until the finish and Emma overtook me at the beginning of it.  It was then that I started to think properly so I didn’t overtake Emma, instead I waited behind her for a bit to get together for the last 300m. At this point hardly anyone had overtaken me, but one of the oldies tore past me, Emma and everyone else.  Once the oldie passed me I went with him for about 15m so that I was comfortably in front of Emma.

Now we started to see spectators walking down the hill and I heard one say “Come on, only 200m to go!” and if anyone knows me they know I always make the finish look good! So once again I dug deep (which I seemed to do a lot of in this race.) and put in not quite a sprint finish but an impressive finish.  20m before the line I heard Uncle Bruce shout “Emma’s right behind you!!” which made me think that she was 2 or 3 metres away and was doing a sprint finish, which I hadn’t seen Emma do before.  But when I looked round she was about 7m behind me which, after the rest of the race, felt comfortable for me, but to everyone else must have seemed pretty close.

Dave taking over from AdamI picked up the pace slightly and crossed the finish tagging Dave as I did.  I knew that it must have been a PB and went to join the rest of the CPT crew feeling a little pleased with myself.  There were congratulations and offers of a BBQ afterwards which I thought was a great offer, but once again, mum had to step in with her big, purple mouth (if you don’t get this you evidently haven’t met her) and say that we couldn’t.

It’s pretty late, and I am not going to keep you waiting, so to cut a long story short, we waited for Dave, DIDN’T go to the BBQ but did go home pleased with mine and my team’s performance.

Thanks to
Mum: Typer
Adam: Being Adam
Uncle Bruce: Team mate
Dave: Team mate
Imaginary Jon: Inspiration during race
Imaginary Phil: Inspiration during race

Uncle Bruce: 19.39
Adam: 19.49
Dave: 21.00
Overall: 1:00:28 - Full results can be seen on the May results page.

may 24

Hatch End Tri - 8 May 2011 - by Isaac BrownLast week I went up to North London to compete in the Hatch End Triathlon. CPT was out in force. We had competitors in every age group.  But in my group – Tri Star 2 – there was an amazing six of us.  We were in a field of over 100 with some ‘big triathlon’ dudes competing.

Isaac mounting his bikeAfter the longest race-briefing in history, we were ready… Well, at least I thought I was until we got in the pool where it looked like the whole of Europe had decided to queue for the race.  After ages hanging around poolside we were now (definitely!) ready and I was off.  The swim seemed to go quickly enough but I did notice Harry lapping me!  After running on the bumpy ground into transition, I was on the bike, and in my comfort zone! The bike course was on grass which I am used to from doing Cyclo X in the winter. A marshal even shouted ‘keep going like that and you’ll overtake everybody!’.  Then for the final part: a 1.8k run.  By this time I was really ‘feeling it’ and couldn’t wait to get going. All my fellow CPT’ers and their mums and dads were cheering which definitely helped fire me on.  I managed a bit of a final push, went through the finish line, and it was all over!

Afterwards I caught up with the others in the race, chilled out on the Nintendo, and watched the older kids race. I came 8th overall: 2nd in the run (Robert Hall beat me by 3 seconds - grrrr), 3rd in the ride and (ahem) about half way down in the swim.  But, if anyone has seen my parents swim, you’ll see that I’m fighting against nature!

More photos to follow soon.

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