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Please contact Anna, our Junior coordinator, if you have any queries regarding our junior training sessions.

Crystal Palace Triathlon

Top tips for Racing

CPT juniors in action


  • Get your saddle height correct for optimum power, nearly all children's saddles are too low as they are constantly growing, google 'greg lemond saddle height'.
  • Oil your chain night before
  • Pump up your tyres the night before to the recommended pressure
    All these will make you go faster!!
  • Cleaning your bike might not make you go faster but it will feel lovely on race day and you will often notice something that needs attention/repaired as you clean it!
  • Write on your arm how many laps and your start time, and put bits of tape to peel off your handlebars to count the cycle laps.
  • For all three sports don't try out new equipment on race day as half the time you find they need adjusting or don't fit well.
  • Take time to stand in transition and look at all entrances/exits, have a little jog from them to your appointed bike stand place, memorise your row, practise putting on your helmet and shoes, takes half a minute but might save you half a minute of frustration in the race.
  • Pack your stuff two nights before so you can buy anything you need, and sleep easier. You might need a 2nd pair of shoes to shuffle around in before the start as your running shoes will be locked in transition.
  • Don't forget to put your magnetic chip on, go to the loo, pat a friendly dogs head to reduce nerves.

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