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CPT Juniors in action

December 2008 - Junior newsletter

Sheila has produced the second issue of the Junior newsletter that includes the latest news and reviews.

Free training sessions

From Friday 9th January, for six weeks both the Friday and Saturday training sessions will be free of charge for for friends and anyone new to our sessions. These sessions have been sponsored by the London Winter of Sport program in conjunction with Limelight Projects and the London Development Agency.

We would like to encourage new people into sport and to the Club and therefore invite everyone to spread the word and bring a friend to these sessions.

Please note all abilities are welcome to the Saturday session, however for the Friday swim session a minimum distance of 25m front crawl is compulsory.

Swimming awards

Congratulations to Joe who swam 800m in a time of 13:13 to receive ASA gold. Alice (7:10) and Zeke (7:42) received ASA bronze for their 400m times.

London region cycle training

Minet Park, Cycling Circuit, Hayes, West London
Sunday 18th January, 8th February, 8th March, 12th April

The London Region is holding free Junior cycling sessions (you will need a road bike for these sessions) from 12-2pm.  Jon will be involved in the coaching with fellow London Region coach Alan Hanley and would like to invite the following CPT members to these sessions; Joe, Alice, Alex, Adam and Zeke.

Christmas turbo and run - Saturday 20 December

CPT juniors in actionThe last session of 2008 was a turbo/run session with the adults. Jon and Phil coached the session which had a mixture of turbo and run combined with a bit of circuit training and all with a Christmas theme. Everyone entered in to the Xmas spirit and wore santa hats, reindeer horns etc. The session ended with the adults joining in a game of stuck in the mud before Joe was presented with today's 'athlete of the day', for completing the same session as the adults. There were mince pies, sweets and treats to finish up with.

Happy Christmas to everyone see you in the New Year. Details of the start dates for all sessions are listed below.

Christmas break

Tuesday's running session was the last until Tuesday 6th January 2009. The swim at Dulwich Prep on Friday 19th December will be the last until Friday 9th January 2009.

Jon and Phil will be coaching a special Xmas turbo/run session on Saturday 20th December at 9am on the track at Crystal Palace.

Please bring: bike, trainers, drinks etc and a festive outfit! Jon will provide the turbos. After the session is over we will have some sweets, drinks etc and some games.

There will not be a session on Saturday 27th December. The next Saturday session after Christmas will be on 3rd December.

Hope you all have a lovely break and come back ready for action in the New Year!

Saturday 13 and Tuesday 16 December

AliceJoeAlice was awarded Athlete of the Day at Saturday's session. Joe was given the award at Tuesday's track session. Phil took Harry, Ellie, Karen and Audrey through some drills, shuttle runs and shuttle relays while Jon took Joe through a pretty tough pyramid session on the track. Ron and Alex joined in for some of the 1200m runs.

Tuesday 9 December

Athletes of the day!Jon couldn't decide who to award Athlete of the Day to as everyone worked extremely hard at this evening's session, which included a 5 x 400m pacing drill going up to 9 x 400m for the faster runners. Jon then threw in an extra lap that had to be run at a faster pace. Everyone did really well with their pacing and all knocked seconds off on their last lap. The Athlete of the Day went to everyone, including Adam's Nana who walked round the track for the whole session!

Saturday 6 December

Adam & HarryAdam and Harry were both awarded Athlete of the Day at Saturday's session. The circuit session, coached by Phil and Jon, was also attended by senior members of the Club. The session started with a few warm up laps on the track, followed by running drills before going into the warmth of the indoor track for the circuits, which included the ladders, the press up pit, shuttle runs etc. Then it was back out on the track for Jon's team super shuttles and some warm-down games, 'stuck in the mud' and 'domes and dishes'. Although there was a bit of cheating in the games, the session was thoroughly enjoyed by both adults and juniors.

Holly Run - 14 December

The Holly Run, at Reigate Priory, has junior as well as adult races on Sunday 14 December. I know this clashes with the Hillingdon cycle session that some of our juniors are attending, but there may be others who would like to join a few CPT adults for the Holly Run?

See the website for more details. There's very good tea and cakes afterwards!

Tuesday 2 December

JayJay was awarded Athlete of the Day at Tuesday's session. Audrey led a couple of warm-up laps on a very cold and slippery outdoor track, while Phil set up the hurdles, ladder and cones for the circuit session.

Saturday 29 November

AdamAdam was awarded Athlete of the Day at Saturday's session. The session was coached by Phil who supervised some warm-up games, followed by some shuttle runs balancing bean bags on our heads, then the usual circuits, finished off with a couple of laps of the track.

CPT juniors in action

Tuesday 25 November

ElleElle was awarded Athlete of the Day at Tuesday's session.



Saturday 22 November

AlexJon coached a turbo/run session for both junior and senior members of the Club on the track at Crystal Palace. The junior members cycled for three minutes than ran one (or in some cases two) lap(s) of the track, completing this seven times. Alex and Zeke (who were both awarded
ZekeAthlete of the day) were delighted to overtake some of the senior members on the track! The session finished with everyone playing Stuck in the mud.

Tuesday 18 November

AdamAdam was awarded his third Athlete of the Day at Tuesday's session. Adam chose a race belt as his prize.


Saturday 15 November

Please note, there will be no junior session on Saturday 15 November.

New member

JayWelcome to new member Jay.



Hillingdon Duathlon - Sunday 9 November

Congratulations to the Juniors who competed on Sunday in windy conditions.

Results were pleasing Alex 2nd Boy - Tristar 1 (0.75km / 4.5km / 1.5km approx) and Zeke 3rd Boy - Tristar 2 (0.75km / 4.5km / 1.5km approx).

Unfortunately Joe just got pipped into 4th in his age group (but he did have to cycle further - 0.75km / 7.5km / 1.5km approx) and Alice came 5th in the girl's Tristar 2. Good effort by all (including parents) A lot was learnt and we will do even better next time!

Full results can be found on the Tri24/7 website.

Name 1st run
& bike
2nd run Time
Alex 14:03 07:00 21:03
Alice 15:10 07:09 22:19
Zeke 13:26 06:22 19:48
Joe 18:10 06:17 24:27

CPT juniors in action at Hillingdon Duathlon

Saturday 8 November

AlexSaturday's session was part indoor circuits and part running on the track. Suse, Greg and Audrey all helped Phil with the coaching. Unfortunately the session was disruppted when Karen decided to head butt one of the concrete pillars and had to be taken to hospital with a broken nose! Alex was awarded today's Athlete of the day.

Tuesday 4 November

Tuesday's session was part circuits, part turbo and part running. Jon put some members through their paces with their bikes on turbo trainers while Phil took the rest round a series of circuits. Everyone then completed a couple of laps of the track for their warm-down.

ElleElle was awarded today's Athlete of the day.



Saturday 1 November

This Saturday's session was part circuits and part on the track. Greg and Suse coached the circuits session and then ran round on the track while Phil gave the instructions!

LucLuc was awarded today's Athlete of the day.



CPT juniors in action

Cancelled track session

The track session on Tuesday 28 October has been cancelled as the track is closed for an event.

New members

SophieLucWelcome to new members Sophie and Luc.



Saturday 24 October

Apologies to everyone who turned up for the track session on Saturday only to discover that the track was closed for an event. After some confusion as to where our coach was for the day we returned to our summer location in the park. Phil was assisted by trainee coaches Suse and Cathy. The session included the usual ladder and hurdle drills and some pacing exercises. The idea was to complete two laps in exactly the same time. Alex and Adam were the closest managing to finish just one second adrift. The session finished with some coordination work (pictured below).

SophieSophie was awarded Athlete of the day.



Coordination skills at Crystal Palace


Circuit training

Circuit training at Crystal Palace

Tuesday's session at Crystal Palace was a little different, with a mixture of a warm-up round the running track and a circuit training session on the indoor track. Everyone paired up for various activities, shuttle runs, balancing, mirror hurdle jumps etc. The session finished with some very competitive and noisy relay shuttle runs.

LucLuc was awarded Athlete of the day.

Tuesday sessions will alternate between running and circuits.


New member

FreyaWelcome to new member Freya.



Junior newsletter

Sheila has produced the first issue of the Junior newsletter that includes the latest news and reviews.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the newsletter please do not hesitate to get in touch with Sheila. All contributions gratefully received!

Copies of the newsletter will also be posted on the website. See the Junior newsletter page.

Hillingdon Duathlon

On Sunday 9th November there will be a morning of duathlon races taking place at Minet Park Cycle Circuit, Hayes at 11am. The Tri star ages will be 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16. To download an entry form go to www.hillingdontriathletes.co.uk.

Jon has invited the following CPT members, Joe, Alice, Alex, Adam and Zeke to attend the junior cycle training sessions, also at Minet Park, on 26 October, 30 November and 14 December, from 12:00-14:00. The sessions are being organised by the London Region and Jon will be coaching, along with fellow London Region coach Alan Hanley.

Change to session time and venue

During the autumn/winter months Saturday's run session will move to the track and will take place at 9am. Please pay at the training pool reception before meeting on the track.

Athlete of the day

AdamAdam was awarded Athlete of the day at the running session on Saturday 16th October. Adam needs to work a bit harder at the drills but managed the four, long and steady laps running all the way.

Athlete of the day

JayJay was awarded Athlete of the day at the running session on the track on Tuesday 14th October.


Athlete of the day

joeJamesJoe was awarded Athlete of the day at the running session on the track on Tuesday 7th October. James and Sophie attended their first run session on Saturday 11th October. James was awarded Athlete of the day.

Athlete of the day - another backlog!

Once again, apologies for the backlog. I think I'm missing a few dates and names but will try to keep up to date again now September is over. Please help me fill the gaps!

Jesse Freya Zeke Alice



Jesse was awarded his first running medal on 30 August.
Freya was Athlete of the day at cycling on 1 September.
Zeke was Athlete of the day at running on 6 September.
Alice chose a cycle computer as her award for three cycling medals.

Crystal Palace Triathlon - Junior race results

CPT junior triathletes


CPT junior competitors18 junior triathletes competed in the junior race, held after the main Crystal Palace Triathlon on Sunday 21st September. There were two categories - 12+ and 11 and under. Congratulations to all those who took part but a special mention goes to Alice who stepped up an age group.

Age group – 11 and under

Position Name Time Gender 1st/2nd finishers
1 Zeke Mellor 09:01 Boy 1st Boy
2 Archie Mitchell 09:30 Boy 2nd Boy
3 Alex Yee 09:35 Boy  
4 Adam Efrat 11:25 Boy  
5 Harry Horsman 11:42 Boy  
6 Elle Horsman 12:41 Girl 1st Girl
7 Sophie Campion 13:25 Girl 2nd Girl

CPT Juniors

Age group – 12 and over Girls



1 Molly Patch 17:04
2 Maisie Mitchell 17:51
3 Brodie Hibbard 18:52
4 Alice Houlihan 19:24
5 Holly Hart 20:46
6 Caitlin Westgate 27:35

Age group – 12 and over Boys

Position Name Time
1 Joe Kidson 17:01
2 Francis Becknor Collins 19:14
3 Sam Westgate 20:16
4 James Campion 21:02
5 Ben Hedges 33:15

CPT Juniors

Changes to sessions

As it's now too dark to hold the cycling sessions at the velodrome on Tuesdays we are replacing this session with an additional run session. Meet on the track at Crystal Palace for 18:30 start. Please pay £2.05 at The Lodge before meeting on the track.

Please note that the run session on Saturday 4th October will take place on the track at Crystal Palace at the slightly earlier time of 09:00-10:00. Jon will be coaching this session.

New members

ellieHarryZekeWelcome to new members Elle, Harry, Sam and Zeke.



Cancelled sessions

There will be no running session on Saturday 20th September as we will be setting up for the Crystal Palace Triathlon on Sunday. Don't forget the CPT Junior members will be able to race after the adult race is over.

Tuesday 23rd September will probably be the last Tuesday night cycling session at the Velodrome until the light returns in the spring. Please note Tuesday's session will be at 18:00 instead of 18:30.

Race results

Well done to Joe and Alice who took part in the Eton Open Water Children's Triathlon on 12 July.

Ages 13-16 - 400m swim 10k bike 2.5k run
Ages 11-12 - 200m swim 5k bike 2k run

Cat / Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
Ages 13-16 - 24 06:41 21:39 11:22 39:44 Joe
Ages 11-12 - 14 04:43 14:01 08:04 26:51 Alice

Cancelled sessions

There will be no cycling session at the Velodrome on Tuesday 5th August and Tuesday 12th August. The run session on Saturday 9th August has also been cancelled. Swim sessions will be taking place at Dulwich Prep on Tuesday 5th and 12th and on Friday 8th August, so come along and join us.

Athlete of the Day

AliceAlice was awarded her third cycling Athlete of the Day at the Velodrome on Tuesday 29th July. Alice will be presented with her prize soon.

Harry and Elle were the only ones at the run session on Saturday 2nd August. Although they both worked hard Phil decided it wouldn't be fair to award an Athlete of the Day.

Club Aquathlon - 24 July

AliceAlice was the only junior who turned up for the last in the series of Club Aquathlons. Alice completed a 200m swim (3:39) and three laps of the field in a total time of 10:09.

Athlete of the Day - backlog!

Apologies for the lack of updates to the Junior section of the website. I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks and am still trying to catch up with everything that's happened while I've been away. If you have photos to fill in the gaps, please either email to me or let me have a CD/memory stick with the pictures on.

JoeFreyaThe following Athlete of the Day medals were awarded -
Joe - running - Saturday 28 June
Freya - cycling - Tuesday 1 July

OisinEllieAlex and HarryOisin - cycling - Tuesday 8 July
Alex and Harry - running - Saturday 12 July
Elle - running - Saturday 19 July

AlexLukeAlex - cycling - Tuesday 22 July
Luc - running - Saturday 26 July

Forthcoming aquathlons

16 August - - Clash of the Tritons Aquathon - this is London League series race for the senior members of CPT, so come along and beat them!

24 August - In partnership with the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Triathlon England London Region are staging a Childrens Aquathlon.

The event has two waves one for those in school years 7-9 and the other for those in school years 10-12. It would be great if you could circulate the attached flyer around your club and to any juniors you think might be interested.

The event is to mark the official hand over of the Olympic Flag to London and will finish in front of Barking Town Hall and aims to coincide with the unveiling ceremony.

The event is heavily subsidised and will cost Triathlon England members £2, and non-members £3. If you have any questions or would like to help with the event please get in touch. Download an entry form.

London Youth Games

Congratulations to our CPT juniors who represented their borough on 5 July at the London Youth Games. Alex, Oisin, Freya and Adam assisted Lewisham achieve a creditable 3rd overall despite racing riders nearly four years older than them!

Congratulations also go to Joe who raced for Southwark and achieved the fastest CPT time.

View the photos.

CPT juniors at London Youth Games

Norwich Junior Triathlon - 5 July

Congratulations to James and Sophie who took part in the Norwich Junior Triathlon on 5 July.

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
Tri Star1
07:13 10:03 09:37 31:40


Tri Star2
04:31 15:17 14:58 37:51 James

Summer swim sessions

Friday night swims will continue at Dulwich Prep throughout the summer holidays.

Herne Hill

Oisin without his medalWe have had very good turnouts for the velodrome sessions on the last two Tuesdays. Unfortunately Phil forgot to bring medals with him on both occasions so the two cycling athletes of the day are owed medals. Last week the award went to Zack and this week to Oisin.


Here's Zack, who was belatedly presented with his medal from 10 June!





Athlete of the day

CPT juniors in actionAs only Adam and Joe turned up for running on Saturday 21 June, Phil decided not to award an 'Athlete of the day', even though they both worked hard!




Juniors at Herne HillAliceOn Tuesday 24th Phil awarded two cycling 'Athlete of the day' medals, one went to Adam and one to Alice.





Thames Turbo Junior Aquathlon

JoeAliceWell done to Joe and Alice who both competed at the Thames Turbo Junior Aquathlon on Sunday 22 June. Alice completed a 250m swim followed by a 2000m run and Joe completed a 350m swim and a 3000m run. Full results can be seen on the Tri24/7 website.

Pos Swim Run Time Name
05:14 10:59 16:13 Alice
4/20 06:01 12:27 18:28 Joe

Club aquathlon - 19 June

AdamFreyaTwo juniors turned up for the second in the Aquathlon series. Freya and Adam went head to head in an exciting race. Adam finished a couple of seconds ahead by putting on a very impressive sprint finish. Freya and Adam swam 100m and ran one lap of the field at The Bridge.

Pos Swim Run Time Name
02.26 03.54 06.20 Adam
2 02.25 03.57 06:22 Freya

The last in the aquathlon series will take place at 19:30 on Thursday 24 July at The Bridge, with a junior wave going off first.

Herne Hill

ZackWe have had very good turnouts for the velodrome sessions on the last two Tuesdays. Unfortunately Phil forgot to bring medals with him on both occasions so the two cycling athletes of the day are owed medals. Last week the award went to Zack and this week to Oisin.

Saturday run sessions

Last week we were unable to use the track due to the South of England Amateur Athletics Championships. So we moved to the park. This worked well so we're going to stick with the change of venue. We will now meet at the very top of the park near the concert bowl.

Please use the car park at the top end, near the Paxton Head. The cost will be £2 for the session.

Club aquathlon

Junior members are welcome to join in the Club Aquathlon on Thursday 19th June at The Bridge. This is a fun, Club event and is only open to members. The junior wave will go off first at 7.45pm (distances to be advised by coaches dependent on age/ability). Please arrive and be on poolside ready to swim at 7.45pm. You'll need your swimming things, plus trainers and a t-shirt.

The last Aquathlon in the series will be held on Thursday 24th July.

Saturday run session - 14 June

FreyaAs there was an event on in the stadium we had a change of venue and used the park instead. Phil put us through our paces following his speed, agility and quickness course last week, putting his new 'toys' to good use. We then did a relay run around the road within the park and decided that this worked really well. Freya was awarded athlete of the day and was proudly watched by her dad and grandparents. Photos to follow.

Friday swim sessions

We have been advised that we can have the pool at Dulwich Prep throughout the summer holidays so please come along and support these sessions.

New member

BenWelcome to new member, Ben. Ben has been coming along to sessions since the start of the junior section but is now a fully paid up official member!


Junior races

You might be interested in entering the following events -

Saturday 7th June - Wandle Valley Festival 2008 - Aquathon for under 8s and under 14s

Sunday 22nd June - Thames Turbo Aquathlon - closing date 8th June

Saturday 12th July - Children’s Open Water Triathlon - no wetsuits required!

Saturday 16th August - Clash of the Tritons Aquathon - this is London League series race for the senior members of CPT, so come along and beat them!

Details of races slightly further afield can be found on the South East website.

Cancelled sessions

Unfortunately the Velodrome will be closed on Tuesday 3rd June so there will not be a junior session that night. Please also note that there won't be a running session on Saturday 7th June.

There will be a swim session on Friday at Dulwich Prep and these will continue until 27th June, when the school closes for the summer holidays. We'll let you know as soon as we know the date for these to start again in September.

Cycle and run sessions

AlicePhil and Jon coached the run session on Saturday 31st. Phil paced Alice (or was it the other way around?!) for 400m and 600m, while Jon took Adam, Elle and Harry through their paces. Adam did his fastest 400m so far, and over the nine weeks he's been coming to the run sessions has managed to knock a minute off his 400m time! Alice was awarded 'Athlete of the day'.

AdamJon coached the Velodrome session on Tuesday 27th, while Phil was recovering in Lanzarote after completing the Ironman on Saturday. Seven juniors practiced various skills and Adam was awarded 'Athlete of the day'.

Race results

JoeJoe raced at the Deal Tri Fun Kids Triathlon on Sunday 24th May. Joe came 8th out of 18 with a time of 29:55 (05:41, 15:57, 08:27).

Joe also took part in the Hatch End Triathlon on Sunday 11th May. Joe swam 306m, cycled 4k and ran 2.4k. Joe finished 6th out of 22 with a time of 31:01 (04:52, 14:15, 11:54).


Apologies for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks. I was away cycling in Italy for a week and then had a very busy week at work.

Attendance at sessions has been up and down, with the cycling sessions at the Velodrome proving the most popular.

Track session - 24 May

There were four at the track on Saturday 24 May, which included the usual warm-up, drills, ladders and cones and stretching.

Jon coached this week's session and emphasis was on high knees!

Ben - Athlete of the DayBen did his fastest 400m in 1:31.

Ben was the first junior to be awarded a third 'Athlete of the day' medal.

CPT juniors in action

Swimming - 23 May

AdamAdam attended his first swim session and was really put to the test with Jon giving him a 400m time trial. Adam hadn't swum for nearly two years but swam the distance in 12:32.

Club aquathlon - 22 May

JamesUnfortunately Phil's email letting junior members know about the Club aquathlon didn't seem to get through to many. James was the only one to turn up on the night! James swam 100m (1:52) and ran one lap of the field at The Bridge in a total time of 05:32. Well done James!

Make a note in your diaries - the dates for the next two aquathlons are - Thursday 19 June and Thursday 24 July. These will take place at The Bridge at 19:30, with a junior wave going off first.

Cycling session - 20 May

CPT juniors in actionWe had our best turnout for a cycling session this week, with nine juniors in attendance.

Phil split everyone into pairs to practice drafting, then put the groups together so everyone got a turn on the front.

Alex - Athlete of the DayAlex was awarded today's 'Athlete of the day'.


CPT juniors in action

Track session - 17 May

There were only three at the track session on Saturday 17 May, but Phil still put everyone through their paces! The session included lots of drills and stretching, including standing on one leg with eyes shut to strengthen ankles. The grandstand steps were also put to good use, with some drills up and down the steps. Some of the drills also involved lying down on the track, in various directions, then getting up as quickly as possible and doing a short sprint.

Ben - Athlete of the dayBen was awarded his second 'Athlete of the day' medal.


CPT juniors in action

Cycling session - 13 May

This week's session practiced bike racking, using the grassed area in the centre of Freya - Athlete of the Daythe track as transition. The session incorporated a mini-race finishing with a run around the grass on the inside of the track.

Freya was awarded today's 'Athlete of the day'.

CPT juniors in action

Track session - 10 May

CPT juniors in actionThere were six at the track on Saturday 10 May, which included the usual warm-up, drills, including the ladders and cones and stretching.

Harry - Athlete of the Day

Harry got his second 'Athlete of the day' medal.


Cycling session - 6 May

Alice - Athlete of the DayOn Tuesday 6 May Phil got everyone practicing mounting and dismounting their bikes.

Alice was awarded the first cycling Athlete of the day.

CPT juniors in action

Junior sessions - 2/3 May

There were five juniors at the swim on Friday night at Dulwich Prep for a session coached by Phil.

Phil was also in charge of Saturday's track session. Six juniors did a warm-up, lots of drills, including hopping through the ladder and bunny jumps over the hurdles. There was also a 400m time trial and great improvements were noted from the first time trial five weeks ago.

HarryHarry was awarded today's athlete of the day.



Junior session - 3 May 2008

New members

JoeJames Welcome to new members, Joe and James.

220 article

220 article - May 2008Our juniors got a mention in the May 2008 issue of 220 magazine. Click on the photo on the left to see a bigger image.





Tuesday session

The heavy rain obviously put everyone off last night. Phil was left sitting on his bike all alone outside the Velodrome, eventually giving up and going home! Apparently Adam did turn up but slightly earlier than Phil and didn't wait around as the gates were locked up.

New member

AliceWelcome to new member, Alice.



Junior sessions - 22 - 26 April

Track cycling - 22 AprilThere were seven juniors at Tuesday's cycling session at the Velodrome. It was a lovely evening and quite busy but, with Phil's coaching, confidence was growing, with a few of the other cyclists commenting on the improvements.

Friday's swim session saw only three juniors, with Joe attending for the first time.

Track session - 26 AprilTrack session - 26 AprilSaturday's session was coached by Jon and Phil. The session started with the usual drills, running through the ladders, round the cones and over the hurdles. Phil took the older runners for a few 400m laps while Jon took the younger runners up and down the steps in the grandstand so they could practice their high knees and using their arms for propulsion.

It's great to see how much, after just four weeks, everyone's running has improved.

JoeJoe was selected as the Athlete of the day.



Junior sessions - 18/19 April

19 April track sessionThere were five juniors at Friday night's swim. Phil coached those present, giving them some drills as well as swim sets to keep them busy.

Jon took the Saturday morning session on the track at Crystal Palace. Six juniors enjoyed some relay races through the ladder and cones, as well as a few laps around the track.

AdamAdam was awarded today's Athlete of the day.



Track cycling - 15 April

15 April track cyclingThe first track cycling session at Herne Hill Velodrome was attended by five junior members. Luckily it stayed dry for the whole session, although there were some very gray clouds overhead, with the rain coming down just as the session finished at 19.30.

Phil talked everyone through track etiquette then there was the opportunity to cycle round the track following his instructions! The session finished with a race, which was won by Ben.

15 April track cyclingPlease don't forget to bring a drink with you for future sessions and gloves would also be highly recommended for protection as well as keeping out the cold. A dry change of clothes would also be a good idea!

We hope to have access to the mountain bike track at future sessions if it's raining or if this isn't possible we could go for a run. So come prepared!

Mini London Marathon

JamesJames took part in the Mini London Marathon (5k) on Sunday 13 April and finished in a very respectable 19:19.

Junior sessions - 11/12 April

13 April track sessionThere was only one junior at Friday night's swim. Hopefully this session will build over the next few weeks. Numbers were also down for Saturday's track session with only four juniors taking part. Phil took those in attendance through Elliea warm-up, some drills, and some shorter sprints.

Elle was awarded today's Athlete of the day.


First Junior training session

CPT JuniorsCPT JuniorsThe first CPT Junior session was held on the track at Crystal Palace on Saturday 5th April. 11 potential members turned up for a session coached by Phil and Jon. The session involved a warm-up, some stretching, a time trial, some shuttle runs and other skill-based drills followed by a warm-down.

First Junior members

AlexAdamWe now have our first fully paid up official Junior members, welcome to Adam and Alex.

Athlete of the day


The first 'Athlete of the day' was awarded to Ben. This will be a weekly award and any member who gets three awards will get a sport related prize.


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