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Tuesday training times

Starting from Tuesday 2 November, we will be looking to start all Tuesday sessions at 18:15 and finish no later than 19:30.

This will allow for better warm-ups / stretches and also allow Jon and Phil to get away to coach the adult swim session in good time.

Tuesday 2 November session will be on the track.

Ben at HillingdonHillingdon report

by Ben Allan

I am not normally a morning person, but I was excited to be going to Hillingdon again.  I was glad is wasn't raining, but even with all my layers it was pretty chilly.  We started off with a few laps and I soon warmed up.  We were split into groups of similar ability and each group had a coach or two - we had Jon and Greg.

The training was split into three sessions.  In the first session we practiced drafting, taking a drink Morris, Harry & Benand opening a mini mars bar - thanks Jon!  Then we had a break and went to the clubhouse where Elle was selling delicious homemade cakes.

In the second session we went the other way around the track, against the wind. We learnt about diagonal drafting to protect us from the wind. We also practiced our line around the corners. Then another break for more cakes.

For the final session we were split into teams so that we could race.  I was with View photos from HillingdonMorris, Nick and Harry. We had to keep together, taking turns at the front and needed three of us to cross the line as a pack to count. We worked hard to keep our team together and managed to win both our races.

It was a really good, fun morning and I learnt a lot.  It was great to meet up with juniors from other clubs and make new friends, andBella had a great time too. Thank you to all the coaches and parents for organising it.

ElleAthlete of the day

The Athlete of the day page has been updated. Elle proudly displays her medal (right) which she was awarded on Tuesay 12 October.



National Volunteer of the Year

KarenI'm very pleased to let you all know that I have been chosen as the British Triathlon Volunteer of the Year 2010. Once again, thank you all very much for your support.

Save the Velodrome update!

Save the VelodromeWhether you promise £5 or £5,000 the Herne Hill Velodrome needs various authorities to see that the public care and want the Velodrome to keep going. It's also your chance to give the Velodrome your ideas for the facility, or volunteer to get involved.

They've had over 300 forms from the public meeting already and are getting loads through Facebook too. Please note that your pledge is not legally binding - but an indication of the financial support from users. Please pledge here now!


Congratulations go to Jon Horsman who has won London Children's Coach of the Year.

KarenThank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me as London Volunteer of the Year. My nomination will now be forwarded to an independent panel to be considered as the National Volunteer of the Year. Your support is much appreciated.

Dulwich run - October 2003

Do you recognise one of our regular junior members, who eagerly completed his first Dulwich run back in October 2003?!

Dulwich run 2003

If you have any photos of you competing before you joined CPT do pass them on with a description of where and when!

Club championship - Dulwich run – Sunday 3 October

View photos from the Dulwich runYou can read about the last race in the 2010 Club championships, the Dulwich run, below.

Natalie and Tammy have written reports about their experience:

Having just joined CPT, the club championships was completely new to me, however Dulwich Park run was a great event for the last one of the series. I was really looking forward to being a Wiggo and part of the CPT team. As we walked towards Dulwich Park we were just in time to seeand cheer the adults finishingtheir last lap of the 10k race. I wasn't nervous before the start of the race and really enjoyed the run. I will definitely be there next year. GO WIGGOS!

As a new CPT member I think this first event has been a great introduction to competing with the club and I really liked wearing my new running vest. After the triathlon at Hever Castle two weeks ago, this seemed like an easier course (and a lot warmer!). The race was fun and I am so pleased I was the first girl and that I earned extra points for the Cavs. I am looking forward to doing lots more events next year. GO CAVS!

Natalie at the startTammy











Richmond Park  Training Session – Saturday 2 October

View photos from Richmond ParkIt was a fantastic sunny morning in Richmond Park and a great cycling session split into 3 ability groups around the park.  Karen, Sara and Karen organised a sports wear sale, thanks to everyone who donated gear and indeed everyone who brought items, hope you got some bargains!  Thanks also to the coaches and parent helpers for a brilliant training session.


Here’s what you thought....

Harry & DominicI cycled in Jon’s group with Dominic, Ben A and Morris.  We started with our warm up and then rode up Broomfield Hill, which is very steep and quite long.  I enjoyed the hill climb and was able to stay on Jon’s wheel.  We rode around the park on the main road keeping together and practiced drinking whilst riding as a group.  It was one of my favourite rides ever, no actually the BEST ride ever!


MatthewWe had to go to Richmond Park in my Dad's van (as my Mum had the car).  We had to park the van outside and cycle through to the meeting point at Pens Ponds.  When we met everyone they said they were freezing but I had already warmed up!

We were split into 3 groups.  My group had Audrey as their coach.  We had a warm up, then we did different exercises using hand signals and passing other riders.  Towards the end of the session we rode to a hill.  We then had to ride up and down the hill learning to change up and down our gears.  Which I feel I am now getting the hang of.  I enjoyed this bit of the session the best.

When we were doing our cool down there was a deer that stopped in the road right in front of us.  My Dad said it was about 6ft away.  It was amazing.  When we finished the session, I thought to myself, "I've had a great day today!"

Alex (right)Saturday what does it make you think of?  "Saturday" ah yes, a nice lie in till 11:00 then a delicious fry up and a calm pyjama day in front of the T.V! But no up at 7:30 on the way out to Richmond for a cycling session.

I was in Phil's group, we went around the park twice practising hills at a smooth pace, after that we did 3 hill reps concentrating on breathing, in the saddle, out the saddle and mixed.

I think the session was very well led and I would recommend anyone who didn’t come last time to come.  You will enjoy!
Alex Y

Attendance awards - July-September

The attendance awards for July-September were presented after the cycling session at Richmond Park on Saturday 2 October.


11 and under
Luc was awarded his star trophy and the Colombia jersey.

12 and over
Alice was awarded the star trophy and Ben got the Colombia jersey, as Alice wore the jersey for the previous three months so didn't qualify again this time around.

BenAlexAlex, who was next inline after Alice already has his own Colombia jersey so Harry presented him with a conker instead!

Adam wasn't around when the April-June awards were presented so he was belatedly awarded his star trophy.



Club Champs - The result

The final event in the CPT club champs took place on Sunday 3 October in a slightly rainy Dulwich Park. It was a fantastic turn out with 20 juniors running for their teams.  There was plenty of cheering and support as everyone put in a great effort.

With 12 podium places, fastest three boys and girls in primary and secondary age groups, CPT took seven!  A mega achievement and brilliant CPT spirit shown by all.

With 12 Wiggos running, 120 points were awarded along with 10 bonus points earned by Alex Y, James A, Natalie and Freddie. 

Seven Cavs ran, scoring 70 points along with 5 bonus points earned by Tammy, Olivia and Harry.

Special mention to Elle who ran (she was meant to walk/jog) with a fractured arm.

But what you really want to know is who has won the CPT club champs?

With the Cavs in the lead for the whole championships, the Wiggos have stolen it in the last event!!!

Final scores...

Winning Wiggos 856
Close runner up Cavs 838

Well done to everyone who competed in the CPT Club Championships 2010 and thanks to the parents for their support. 

Ride of the Falling Leaves - 3 October

Report by Isaac Brown

Isaac starting the cyclosportive at the VelodromeI had to make a difficult decision this year: whether to do the Dulwich Park run or the Ride of the Falling Leaves because, annoyingly, they were on the same day.  In the end I chose the ride because it is a once in a year event and I needed to get some miles in. 

But disaster! I was ill last week and didn't know whether I'd be well enough in time.  Luckily I was.  But another disaster! The weather forecast was terrible. We were worried that it would be too wet, especially as this was my first time. Also, because it was my first time, I did the 'short' course which is 73km / 45 miles. The long course is 110km.

Isaac on the Ride of the Falling LeavesThe ride was really good apart from a puncture at Elmers End (One guy had FIVE punctures!!). It was dry for a bit and then rained quite a lot. We stopped about half way for a snack but kept on going otherwise. There were a couple of big hills - I like the hills and managed to overtake lots of grown ups.  In fact I was the youngest rider doing it today.  It took us 4 hours and 4 minutes. It would have been under 4 hours if it wasn't for the puncture! Next year I'll beat it!

Isaac's official time was 4:04:20. He came 92nd out of 122 finishers.

Joe Kidson completed the 110k ride just outside Gold standard time (4 hours) in 4:01:57. He came 37th out of 222 finishers. Hopefully Joe will report back on his experience later this week.

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