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Richmond Park Sports Clothes Sale

As you know we are training at Richmond Park this Saturday 3 October at 09.30.
Weather permitting we will also hold a secondhand sports clothes/equipment sale.

If you have anything sports related, in good condition please, to donate to the sale or to sell with 10% going to the club, please bring along to Tuesday's run, Friday's swim or bring on the day. Items can be given to Karen Lord or Sara Hoolahan.

So far we have raised £65 for the Club so please remember to bring some extra money along.

Karen will also bring along a selection of Club kit in junior/small sizes so that you can try and buy and really look the part in official Club kit!

Hever Castle Triathlon - 25 September

Adam and his bikeHever Castle TriathlonCongratulations to everyone who completed the various distance triathlons at Hever Castle on a very cold Saturday morning.

The water was particularly cold, especially for Adam who's wave was early in the morning, for his first Sprint distance race.

Adam with Henry 8th and Anne BoleynHe was cheered on by family and CPT adult members who were were also competing. He certainly wasn't anywhere near last out of the water in his wave, managed to overtake a number cyclists out on the hilly bike route and looked strong on the run, finishing ahead of over 250 adult competitors!

Anne Boleyn Sprint Triathlon - 400m / 20k / 4k

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
706 14:57
57:43 24:53 1:37:34 Adam Efrat

Elizabeth 1st - 11-12 year olds - 200m / 4k / 2k

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
7 06:49
17:06 12:09 36:05 Natalie

Elizabeth 1st - 8-10 year olds - 100m / 4k / 1.3k

Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
10 06:14
16:27 09:33 32:15 Dominic King
33 06:18
21:07 08:09 35:35 Tammy Falshaw

Adam at Hever


Surrey Legs of Steel cyclesportive - 25 September

James cyclingThe event is held to commemorate Dave Aitchinson, a rising star in British Triathlon and Ful-On Tri Club member who died suddenly in January 2007 aged 29. The Dave Aitchinson SportsAid Fund was set up by Dave's family and the club to assist talented young athletes in the Triathlon London Region.

James was fortunate enough to receive some funding in April this year which allowed him to buy his bike. Being new to the bike, and a little cautious after his spill at the IRCs last week, he opted for the shorter 46km hilly route. He finished in a very respectable Gold Standard time of 1.57.22 putting him first in the <18 category and in second place overall. <16s had to be accompanied on the ride (his dad & I not much use - legs of jelly rather than steel), and so thanks go to Stuart Archer from Ful-On Tri who kindly stepped in, or should I say "rolled out"? to help.

James waiting to start

Wiggos or Cavs? Who's going to take the title?

The 9th event in the club championships, the Tooting Bec Aquathon, took place on Sunday 5 September.  Eight brave Crystal Palace Triathletes competed in the freezing cold water, without wetsuits! And one dad, well done Paul!

Points were awarded as follows ...

Wiggos 40, plus 2 bonus points awarded to Elle and 1 bonus point for Isabella for places in their age groups
Cavs 30, plus 2 bonus points for Harry for 2nd in his age group

So the scores on the doors are... Wiggos 726 vs. Cavs 763

There's only 37 points in it leading up to the final event in the club champs 2010, the Dulwich Park Run, 1 mile (primary) or 2 mile (secondary) on Sunday 3 October, starting approx 11.15am.  Entry is £2 on the day. 

Just by completing the event you earn 10 points. So make sure you are there on the day to earn those valuable points for your team!

Website update

I'm now back from my holiday in Spain and desperately trying to catch up with all the news/results from the first three weeks of September. I had no idea it was going to be such a busy time! I hope I've covered everything but if you are aware of any gaps please let me know.

Training schedule

Jon has put together a Winter base training schedule, covering September through to the end of November.

We look forward to seeing as many members as possible at all sessions.

Crystal Palace Tri at the IRC

Ron Yee reports

Wales lived up to its reputation and race day was grey, wet and miserable. Unfortunately the air temperature was below the 13 degrees water temperature meaning that athletes would get out of the cold water and get even colder in transition, therefore the race officials turned the first Tristar races into duathlons.

Alex did well slogging round the hilly bike course before overtaking several people on the run to eventually come in at 6th in Tri Star 2 boys. Alex was pleased with his paformance but was disappointed that his race was turned into a Duathlon as he had worked really hard on his swimming and especially stripping off his wetsuit whilst running.

Greta was injured and stood no chance of doing well for herself but still bravely ran on to score points for Team London Tri Star 3 girls. The transition training she did over the summer with the club obviously stood her in good stead as she was complimented by the Channel 4 announcer for her graceful and efficient run to bike mount. All on film too! (Watch out for Channel 4 - 3 October).

Luckily by the time it was the Youth races the weather warmed up enough to permit the wetsuit swim. James as expected exited the water near the lead and was up with the pack on the bike but touched wheels and earned a spectacular bit of 'road rash'. Undaunted James charged on to come in 20th in the Youth Mens race. Whilst being patched up by the first-aiders James met and had a chat with Alistar Brownlee!

Phil Taylor, in his capacity as Triathlon London Junior Series Co-ordinator, was there to oversee our CPT contingent, give advice and eat pasties!

Overall the 14 strong Team London did better than last year and came 5th out of the 11 regions.

Everyone including parents had a good time and came away from Sunday determined to try and requalify for next year's team however the standard is getting much higher and it won't be easy!

CPT in action at the IRCs

Hillingdon - 12 September

There was a great turnout at the Hillingdon Cycle Circuit yesterday afternoon - well done everybody who survived a challenging afternoon making the very best use of the track, the coaches and the weather! Nobody left the session riding in quite the way they arrived (!).....along with loads to think about and work on.

Many thanks to all the coaches, parents and supporters who helped make it such a successful event and to all the athletes for working so hard.

With the addition of an amazing clubhouse to its one mile circuit Hillingdon must be one of the best cycling training facilities in London - we have two more confirmed sessions at this venue: 17 October 2010 and 6 March 2011 - and hopefully more throughout next year. There is also the Hillingdon Duathlon on 14 November - entries are not yet open but keep checking their website.  

If you couldn't make it yesterday don't miss out in October - be sure to put the dates in your diary!

CPT in action at Hillingdon

Southwater Relays - 5 September

Three junior members competed in the Southwater Relays, where CPT had 16 teams. James Allen, exited the water first, with quite a big lead. He joined Joe Kidson to complete a team with coach Jon H. J-Ronimo came 4th overall. Emily stepped in to fill a gap in one of the ladies teams and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hopefully we'll be able to field a full junior team next year.

CPT in action at Southwater

Pos   Swim Bike Run Time
J-Ronimo       2:43:54
James James Allen 06:08
32:26 14:25 54:06
Joe Joe Kidson
08:06 31:26 15:07 55:46
Jon Jon Horsman
08:24 30:11 14:12 54:02
Tri and Smile       3:34:54
Emily Emily Ripley
11:00 43:22 22:31 1:18:54

SLSC Junior Aquathlon - 5 September

View CPT juniors in actionTim Thomas reports that there were some excellent CPT results at Tooting on Sunday 5 September.  He was impressed at how serious and quick everyone was!

The day was a great success with over 50 kids braving the 16c unseasonably chilly lido to tackle the new open water style course (nearly all without wetsuits).  The water was much colder than expected!  We keep water records going back to the 40s and this August has been the coldest for years as it's usually about 20 this time of year.  We had a couple of hyperventing kids but only a couple withdrew, so well done to everyone who braved the water and completed the swim.

Congratulations also to CPT parent, Mark Thomas, who won the parents race even though he was wearing a wetsuit, despite making both Ben and Sam brave the lido without! 

Reports from CPT juniors

'The swim was so cold, and I found it hard, but I really enjoyed the run and at the end I felt proud.'
Joe Robertson

'I was very nervous at the start of the race, and entering the freezing cold water the breath was knocked out of me. Everyone was worried about the water temperature and my brother got out of the pool shivering and blue, which was very off putting. There were lots of others in the same position though, and I'm glad I did it.  I found the swim fairly easy, but struggled more on the run, but when I finished it was a good achievement and I will definitely do it next year.'
Isabella Robertson 

I hope you all had a well deserved hot chocolate to help you recover!

Pos Time Name
TriStar1 M 150m / 750m
2 6.58 Harry
4 7.35 Jay
9 9.53 Joe
TriStar1 F 150m / 750m
2 7.08 Elle
7 8.38 Lizzie
5:10 8:29 Alex
TriStar2 F 250m / 1500m
3 14.53 Isabella
TriStar3 M 350m / 2250m
5 19.13 Adam


Save the Velodrome

Save the Velodrome

An alliance of residents and cyclists has been formed to save a former Olympic stadium from closure. The Herne Hill Velodrome is the oldest cycling track in the country and the home of the 1948 Olympic Cycling Championships. But now it faces closure due to deterioration and lack of funding. There is no alternative track in London for the hundreds of children (including our CPT Juniors) who ride and race there. In the past, that has included Bradley Wiggins, the three-time Olympic gold medallist, who began his competitive cycling career at Herne Hill.

The Campaign kicks off with a public meeting at Dulwich College at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 6th October. But Londoners are asked to register their support on the Save the Velodrome website. You can also join the campaign on Facebook.

To stay open, the Velodrome will need corporate and private funding, together with volunteer support.

You can read more about the campaign in The Guardian.

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