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Attendance Awards - April-June 2010April-June attendance awards

Congratulations to our top attendees from 1 April - 30 June.

11 and under
Harry and Elle
With 21 sessions attended

12 and over
Adam, Alice and Louis
With 24 sessions attended

Adam will be presented with his trophy when he returns from his summer in Israel.


Click to view photosMore photos

View James' photos from the Club Championship time trial session at Herne Hill Velodrome on on Tuesday 29 June.





Club training plan

Jon has updated the Club training plan through to w/c 2 September.

The training schedule for August is lighter than the rest of the year and subject to change so do watch the schedule carefully.

w/c 26 July- There is a Friday swim and a Saturday bike/run session

w/c 2 August - There is a Tuesday bike session at Herne Hill Velodrome, the CPT Aquathlon on Thursday at the Bridge, a Friday swim and a 'fun' session at Crystal Palace Park on Saturday usual time.

w/c 9 August - Friday swim only
w/c 16 August - Friday swim only
w/c 23 August - Friday swim only 
w/c 30August - Friday swim arrangements still to be confirmed;

Sunday 5th september - Tooting Lido Junior Aquathlon

w/c 6 September - Should be back to normal + cycle training at Hillingdon on Sunday 12 September (details to follow soon).

Diary dates - Special autumn training dates

Hillingdon Cycle Circuit - 13:00-16:00 - cycle training on Sundays 12 September, 17 October and 6 March (yes, next year!)

Long Course Swim sessions at CPNSC - 14:00-15:00 - 28 November, 12 December, 23 January, 13 February, 27 March (note this has changed from 20 March)

.....more information on all of these nearer the time but they will be open to everybody in the junior section.

Diary dates - Remaining Club Championship events

5 September - Tooting Lido Junior Aquathlon
3 October - Dulwich Park 2 mile run

and in the distant, wintery future our favourite (but not a club championship event) ...
14 November - Hillingdon Duathlon

Junior photos

View Sheila's photos from the SUSO Open Water Triathlon at Dorney Lake on Saturday 10 July and some very belated photographs (taken by Ron) at the Adult/Junior training session on Saturday 24 April.Click to view photosClick to view photos








SUSO Open Water Triathlon race reports

Dominic ready to swim at DorneyBy Dominic King

This was my first open water triathlon. It was great fun, but first of all my brother did a scootathlon then I got ready for my race.

When we got there we set all my stuff out in transition ready for my race, then my dad and Dominic's swim start at DorneyI walked round and had a look at the course. It was helpful to see exactly where I would be racing and where all the In and Out places were.

I went to the starting line on the beach where we waited for a while then they blew the horn and off Dominic and his bike at DorneyI went. It was strange walking into the water as I had never swum anywhere other than a pool.

The swim was a little hard as the water was colder than I thought.  It seemed to take longer than swimming in a pool.  When I was close to finishing the swim I watched how the others got out of the lake.  Then like usual I ran into Dominic running at Dorneytransition, put my number belt on, my running shoes and my helmet. It was a long run up to the line where I could get on my bike and cycle away.

I did enjoy the cycle, as it was the best part of my race, even going over the bridges was fun. The run was ok. It was nice to see the lake next to me and so many people cheering. I was pleased with myself as I got a good time.


By Adam Efrat

Dorney Lake
Adam running at Dorney I woke up quite happy about the prospect of entering my first non-CPT triathlon and was feeling relatively relaxed and ready until............ Mum told me that Aunty Karen, Uncle Bruce and Nana were coming to watch me after Nana had just got back from watching Aunty Karen and Uncle Bruce successfully complete an Ironman.  I thought if I was unable to complete the race I would look pathetic!  No pressure!!  I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach.

The weatherman was right about it being a scorching day; it was blistering!!  Once we eventually arrived after, battling through traffic for what seemed like ages I quickly registered myself and got ready for the race.  I was surprised at the sheer size of the lake.  I had thought it would be much smaller.  Instead it looked like a humungous sea!! (Well, slight exaggeration, but it was big!!) 

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to watch Joe and James compete.  However, we cheered them on in spirit from the car.  We arrived just in time to see Armen and Greta finish their race.  Well done Greta for coming in fourth place!  We stood cheering constantly at the start and finish of the run.  We cheered loudly for Harry, Elle, Mali, Dominic and Alex.  All did absolutely brilliantly, well done.  Well done for coming 2nd Alex.

Adam proudly wearing his medal at DorneyWhilst I was TRYING to eat my delicious pasta my mother insisted in smearing me in suncream (You don’t know how difficult it is to eat whilst being smeared!!) Regardless, I managed to get enough to my mouth!  After eating as much as I could I put my semi-frozen lucozade sport on my bike and asked what time my race briefing would be.  The marshal at transition informed me I needed to be at the starting point 10 minutes before my race, so I walked back to my band of spectators who started screaming at me that it was already 10 minutes before my race and I should turn round and get to the start as soon as possible.

We were instructed to get into the water and get accustomed to the cold.  I had been looking forward to swimming in my wetsuit but unfortunately the water temperature was over 22 degrees which meant wetsuits were banned.  I walked into the water gingerly listening to all the people in front of me complaining at how cold it was.  As my feet hit the water I realised I had probably had better practice in colder water as I didn’t think it was that cold.  I was one of the first people to get into the water and so had to wait further out in the slightly colder water whilst a man with a microphone gave us the race briefing from the pier. 

Adam post-race nutrition at DorneyThere was a lot of accidental kicking and pushing whilst everyone jostled for a position near the front.  As I was closer to the front it wasn’t too bad but I was quickly pushed out of the way by other eager competitors.  Once the air horn sounded there was even more accidental kicking and shoving as everyone frantically tried to get a good start.  It very quickly became clear there were three groups of swimmers.  Luckily, I was in the middle of the first group but after the first buoy I was closer to the back of the pack.  Then in between the first and second buoy I started to get further behind the lead group and was in no-man’s land; in between the lead and second group.  I hung on to my no-man’s land position until the end of the swim. 

My transition area was right at the opposite end so I had a lot of time to run and take off my swimming hat and goggles before reaching my bike.  I had what seemed like a quick transition and mounted my bike fluidly.  After only 5 pedal rotations my ice cold lucozade flew out of my bottle holder and I was drinkless and peeved.  The cycle felt quite good as I passed quite a few people who were either exhausted from going flat out in the swim or just not up to my (awesome) standard of cycling!  After finishing my two laps I was still neck and neck with another fast cyclist who just pipped me going into transition.  I had a quickish second transition and set out on the run..........my favourite part!!!!

Adam post-race at DorenyAs I set out on the run I grabbed some water from a water station and threw it in my mouth and over my face, which wasn’t a good idea as not enough went down my throat.  The run was deadly as I saw many competitors ahead of my walking because of the immense heat.  Every time I passed a walker I just thought one more position!!!  Unfortunately for me, there were distance markers which made me think I was running further than I really was, but they were for the rowers coming from the other side.  The run seemed endless, until I went round the barrier and started the run back.  With every step I could see the big flags coming closer and closer.  I met a few parents of fellow CPT competitors who cheered me on.  When I finally came to the end I heard my band of spectators screaming for a sprint finish, which never came because of my sheer exhaustion.    I was slightly relieved to cross the finish line.   I gulped down cups of water at the finish and then was sprayed down with freezing cold water which felt amazing. 

I quickly rushed up to the results computer and printed off my times.  I was surprised to see that I came 4th in my category (13 yr old boys) and 7th overall in 13-14 yr old boys!  I was very, very pleased.   All in all it was my favourite triathlon ever and hopefully, there will be many more.

CPT Junior Club Championships update

After two more events in the Junior Club Championships, points earned were as follows:

Herne Hill TT Dorney Tri
Wiggos 130 30
Cavs 160 62

So this leaves the overall team totals after 8 events at.......

Wicked Wiggos 683
Crazy Cavs 721 

There are two definite events left in the series and we will try and squeeze in the CPT Duathlon in Autumn.

Also a BIG WELCOME to our new members Daniella on the Cav's team and Jessica on the Wiggo's team. 

SUSO Open Water Triathlon

Click to view photosWell done to everyone who took part in the SUSO Open Water Triathlon at Dorney Lake on Saturday 10 July.

As it was so warm, no wetsuits were allowed for the open water swim in the Olympic rowing lake. It was extremely hot on the bike and run, especially by the time Adam went off.

Congratulations to Alex for picking up a 2nd place in his age group.

Official photographs can be viewed on the Sportcam website.

Official photographs can be viewed on the Sportcam website

Overall / Category Swim Bike Run Time Name
8-10 Boys
Winner - 15:13
100m Swim, 3km Bike, 1km Run
14/13 03:32 06:47 04:42 16:52 Harry Horsman
24/19 04:00 06:35 05:11 18:01 Dominic King
8-10 Girls
Winner - 15:41
100m Swim, 3km Bike, 1km Run
8/8 03:00 07:31 05:25 18:00 Elle Horsman
18/7 03:54 07:46 05:25 19:19 Mali Jenkins
11-12 Boys
Winner - 21:51
200m Swim, 5km Bike, 2km Run
2/2 03:52 09:53 07:54 23:21 Alex Yee
13 - 14 Boys
Winner - 36:17
400m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run
7/4 07:59 20:36 13:51 44:27 Adam Efrat
13-17 High Performance
Winner - 30:20
400m Swim, 10km Bike, 2.5km Run
28/11   16:32 09:27 33:41 Joe Kidson
43/10   17:39 10:13 34:51 James Allen
79/15   20:57 12:15 41:47 Armen Brown
23/4 05:45 19:24 11:28 38:12 Greta Sharp

Click to view photosLondon Youth Games

Well done to all the CPT members (Cycling - Ben A, Joe K, Alex Y, Greta and Adam; Aquathlon - Greta, Alex Y and Armen) who took part in the London Youth Games over the weekend of 3/4 July.

A special mention must go to Joe who did a storming time trial, and to Greta and Alex who both got piped to individual 4th place by two seconds!

Athlete of the Day

Recent Athlete of the Day awardsThe Athlete of the Day page has been updated. For the first time, three Athlete of the Day medals were given out at Herne Hill Velodrome on Tuesday 29 June. They went to Eva, Alice and Greta.

Colombia cycle jersey competition

Max and HarryThank you to everyone who entered the competition to win a Columbia cycle jersey. 

The winners were Harry and Max! 

We raised £75, which will be spent on coaching or facilities for the juniors. 

Thank also to Sara for organising it all and Ron for donating the jerseys. 

The draw took place at Herne Hill Velodrome on Tuesday 29 June.

CPT Junior Club Championships update

There have been two races in the club champs since the last update, the CPT Aquathon at the Bridge and the Thames Turbo Aquathon.  Well done to everyone who took part, of course it's the usual 10 points each for your team for competing.  Along with 10 bonus points to the Wiggos for their first two finishers in the T1 and T2/T3 categories at the CPT Aquathon sneaking in 13 seconds ahead of the Cavs.  Bonus points also to James and Greta for achieving 1st and 2nd in their age group at the Thames Turbo race.

CPT Club Aquathon Thames Turbo Aquathon
Wiggos 70 53
Cavs 90 52

Team totals after six events in the championships are...
Wiggos 471 points.... Cavs 561


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