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In search of open water swimming in Cornwall

It might come as a bit of a surprise but the opportunities for open water swimming in Cornwall, apart from the sea, are very limited. Most of the large lakes are owned by South West Water who insists that you are in/on a boat with a life jacket – makes swimming a bit tricky.

During the half-term, with the help of the Wild Swimming website. Joe and I followed the trail to a ‘magical reclaimed quarry’ hidden in the midst of a wonderful private estate with a tipi village.

Location: just north of Bodmin and Wadebridge (265 miles from Crystal Palace)
The lake is just about 200m in length, clear and protected – it is private and for the use of tipi residents only. There are boats to borrow and fish to catch – if you get there before the otter! Definitely ‘junior-triathlete’ friendly ….  And the site now has a wedding licence and offers plenty of scope for celebrations of all sorts….

This seemed to us like the perfect place for a mini-triathlon training holiday: rent a tipi with a private lake on your doorstep, access to plenty of cycling and running opportunities with the sea and beaches within easy reach. Would October be too late?


Athlete of the day updates

NiklasMorrisI've updated the Athlete of the day page.

Please let me know if I'm missing anyone.





Star award presentation

Luc with his star awardAlex getting his star awardAlex was belatedly presented with his star award and CPT cap for attending the most sessions in the over 12 age group during January, February and March. 

Here's Jon presenting it to Alex on a sunny evening at Herne Hill.

Luc was also belated presented with his star award for attendance over the same period at Friday's swim session at Dulwich Prep.

Jon's new capEaster training camp - thank you

At a Tuesday cycle session at Herne Hill, Adam presented Jon with a thank you card and CPT junior cap on behalf of all the juniors who attended the Easter triathlon training camp. 

Thanks again to all the coaches. 


Junior club champs update

Well done to everyone who competed in the Crystal Palace Triathlon... the points awarded from this race are as follows:

Wiggos 137 (including 7 bonus points awarded to Alex, Dominic and Jay)
Cavs 175 (including 5 bonus points awarded to Greta and Harry)

The totals so far after four events in the championships are:
Wiggos have a wonderful 348 points but the Cavs are still in the lead with a cheeky 419 points!

Welcome to the newest CPT members who have joined the following teams:

Dominic King - Wiggo
Elizabeth Grace - Cav

Clash of the Tritons Aquathlon - 14 August

If you are free on Saturday 14th August then why not enter the children’s race as part of the Clash of the Tritons aquathlon. It's a 250m swim / 2km run for 11-14 years in the grounds of Eltham College – an indoor heated 25m pool and safe grounds with a mainly grass running surface.

If you are interested then you can enter online.

Crystal Palace Triathlon - 23 May

Age group Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
TriStar 1 2nd
03:57 08:24 05:19 19:56 Harry Horsman
03:35     20:19 Jay Chitnavis
04:11 08:52   21:20 Joseph Yee
03:22 11:13 05:44 22:34 Alex Cahill
Girls 7th
03:08 08:57 07:10 21:31 Elle Horsman
04:04 09:18   21:52 Mali Jenkins
04:10 09:53 07:21 23:30 Abigail Morris
TriStar 2 1st
03:29 12:23 05:45 23:28 Alex Yee
05:05 12:45 06:09 26:17 Freddie Argent
05:33 13:49 06:20 29:12 Isaac Brown
04:38 14:43 07:19 29:26 Morris Pusey
05:52 16:14 06:10 31:03 John Baggs
  19th 04:40 16:38 07:56 31:46 Louis Lord
05:27 15:39 07:37 33:26 Max Sudbury
Girls 5th
04:10 16:55 08:34 32:00 Freya Martin
07:19 21:47 11:10 43:50 Sophie Campion
05:28 24:09 13:37 49:15 Georgina Lucas
TriStar 3
04:22 17:45 09:41 34:46 Armen Brown
05:44 18:50 11:45 38:40 Adam Efrat
06:43 18:16 12:08 39:45 Sam Singer-Ripley
07:00 24:38 16:22 52:13 James Campion
04:17 17:43 09:13 33:14 Greta Sharp
05:32 18:55 10:00 36:40 Olivia Argent
05:13 20:55 09:18 37:21 Joe Kidson
  18:34 11:03 37:32 Andy Rogers
06:10 25:52 12:05 41:07 James Allen
14:39 51:01 25:55 1:34:19 Emily Singer-Ripley

Full results can be found on StuWeb's website.

Photographs can be viewed and purchased on the ProSport Photos website.

Photographs from transition and cycle:

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Photographs from the Finish line and presentations:

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Optima Aquathlon 2010 - 16 May

Another good day for Team CPT Juniors with both Greta and Alex winning their races meaning that they are both leading their individual ranking competitions too!

Age group Pos Swim Run Time Name
TriStar 2 Boys 1st 04:12 06:50 11:47 Alex Yee
TriStar 3 Girls 1st 04:22 09:24 14:29 Greta Sharp

Hatch End - Harrow Triathlon (Tristar/Youth) - 9 May

The quickest of updates from another chilly venue north of the Thames!

A few brave CPT juniors headed over to Hatch End, for the first triathlon of the London Series this year, early this morning ...

Grey skies, a chilling wind and wet turf did not deter Alex, Freddie, Olivia, Greta, Andy and Joe!

Alex and GretaThere were excellent performances all round with Alex and Greta taking first place in T2 and T3 categories respectively ....WELL DONE CPT!

Alex, Greta and Freddie made up the CPT team who come second in the club / school challenge.

Full results can be found on StuWeb's website.

Right: Alex and Greta proudly wearing their medals.

Well done!

Age group Pos Swim Bike Run Time Name
TriStar 2 1st 03:30 08:59 06:59 21:35 Alex Yee
04:43 09:02 07:50 23:46 Freddie Argent
TriStar 3 4th 04:10 11:40 09:42 28:06 Greta Sharp
05:34 13:09 11:44 32:22 Joe Kidson
06:21 12:26 12:49 33:54 Andy Rogers


Hillingdon Duathlon - 2 May - Results and race reports

Age group Pos 1st Run / Bike Run Time Name
Tristar1 4th female 16:18 08:18 24:36 Elle Horsman
  2nd male 15:17 07:13 22:30 Harry Horsman
  4th male 16:00 08:14 24:14 Luc Hoolahan
  6th male 16:07 08:50 24:57 Joseph Yee
Tristar2 3rd male 16:46 05:53 22:39 Alex Yee
  6th male 17:26 06:29 23:55 Isaac Brown
  12th male 20:54 09:16 30:10 Louis Lord
Tristar3 6th female 21:50 06:25 28:15 Greta Sharp
  6th male 20:53 07:48 28:41 Adam Efrat
Youth 2nd male 20:57 05:54 26:51 Joe Kidson
  4th male 21:59 06:24 28:23 Andrew Rogers

Full results can be found on the Tri 24/7 website.

It was a soggy day when I arrived at Hillingdon. As we walked over I realized it was windy and freezing also.

At the start of the race we tried to do some warm ups  to keep warm. The gun went some people went off very fast I tried to keep steady. My transition was ok. Joseph and I cycled together we had to do 3 laps by the end by legs and arms were frozen.

Then came the run I thought it would never end. I tried hard not to let anyone overtake me, even though I knew there was someone close behind me!

I was 4th boy very happy but my body was numb so I had to go sit in the car!

Luc Hoolahan (8)


AndyThe Hillingdon Duathlon. Ahhh, brilliant you might think, no swim or the cold that comes with it; a chance to get out on the bike and ride your own race. Well not at 2010 Hillingdon. After spending the previous night glued to the TV weather screen, the news was not bad. It was horrific. The next morning I woke up to “heavy showers and a strong north-westerly wind” ripping at my window. Never mind, pasta for breakfast and final energy drink preparations. On the drive there the weather didn’t get any better. As we arrive slightly early: “Shall we get out of the car?”- errrrr... get out of this nice warm car into the gale? Lets whack on Radio 4. But eventually I ended up at the start line after a vigorous warm up capable of getting Inuits into deck chairs.

So the race: after watching a big group (including Joe Kidson) slowly get away in the 800m starting run a quick change over was helped by the fact I ran in my helmet. By then everyone fingers were a frosty blue from the extreme lack of layers (just a trisuit and arm warmers for me) and watching the other competitors trying to put on cycling clips was similar to tying shoelaces with skiing gloves. So finally on to the cycle: after a wind-behind-you straight the first pair of sweeping left hand bends that lead to the unbearable uphill against the wind struggle.

These truly were the most difficult conditions I had ever raced in. A collection of downhill turns eventually placed me back to where I started. Grit the teeth for another seven laps. Or was that six or eight. I honestly had no clue what lap I was on and only managed to determine where I was with the help of Ron Yee, Sally Kidson and of course Janet Fearn.

So after a transition out of the cycling gear, one final one lap run. By this point i was far behind the likes of Luke Penny, Sky Draper and of course Joe, who was “right up there”. But a glance behind showed me that my race was far from a relaxing jog to finish with. As a group were steadily gaining on me. Somehow I managed to stay just in front by the end if the run, finishing with a sprint that separated the boys from the slightly younger boys in the category below.

I crossed the line to find various bodies scattered around like a scene from D-day; and I gladly joined in keeling over and having coats thrown on me as I had gone into a state of total numbness. Al Capone could have gone over me with a baseball bat and I wouldn’t have noticed.

I ended up fourth, a couple of minutes behind the podium with Joe putting in a great effort and getting second, just behind Luke. Words or time cannot express or measure how much I enjoyed and stayed in the bath that night.

Andy Rogers

View more images (PDF) from a wet, cold and windy Hillingdon.

News backlog

I apologise for the delay in posting May news and race results. I will try to catch up with these soon. Sorry!

Club aquathlon

The first 2010 club aquathlon is taking place on Thursday 3 June at The Bridge Leisure Centre, Kangley Bridge Road, Sydenham SE26. 
If you would like to take part please make sure you are on pool side by 7.45pm prompt.
We will start the junior race first, followed by adults. For Juniors, the distances will vary dependent on age.

New Crystal Palace parkrun

parkrun is a free to enter timed 5k run that is held every Saturday at various locations around the UK. It’s open to anyone as long as they register in advance via the parkrun website. Some of the parkrun locations are already familiar to CPT members so it’s very exciting to have a new venue much nearer to home.

We have been invited by Crystal Palace parkrun to trial their new route at a test run on Wednesday 19 May at 19:30. Following this trial event, where feedback will be appreciated, they are hoping to launch the regular CP parkrun at 9am on Saturday 29 May.

We won’t be holding next Wednesday’s track session, instead we are encouraging as many CPT members, adult and junior, to register for the trial event and run the new 5k parkrun route.

The parkruns are all organised and manned by volunteers. There are various jobs that need doing, marshalling, putting out signs, timing, checking finish order etc. So if you are able to help at the trial run or at any Saturday events in the future, please put your name down as a volunteer.

On Wednesday 19th there will be a training session for volunteers at 18:00 and the run itself will start at 19:30. Please meet in-between the café and the information centre (near the dinosaur park), wearing CPT kit if possible.


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