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Junior - Athlete award archive

CPT juniors in action

The A of M award was designed to encourage athletes to attend sessions regularly, motivate and enjoy their triathlon experience and was awarded each month with the loan of a cup and a cycle shirt.

We no longer give athlete of the day/month awards, but you can see who won awards in the past.


Michael Humphreys & Lola RaffertyLola - Athlete of the MonthThe winners of the January Athlete of the Month award are Michael Humphreys and Lola Rafferty.

Michael put in an outstanding performance in the weekend's Duathlon and continues to improve in swim, bike and run.

Lola has attended sessions in swim, bike and run in the past six weeks, had a great Duathlon race and always trains with a smile on her face!

Congratulations to you both, you will receive your award at a training session soon.



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