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Junior athlete awards

CPT juniors in action

Athlete of the month - 2012

As the junior section continues to grow with different athletes at different sessions, Jon has decided to have three Athlete of the Month awards; one for swimming (both sessions), one for Saturday's bike and one for Monday's run.

The A of M award is designed to encourage all athletes to attend sessions regularly, motivate and enjoy their triathlon experience and is awarded each month with the loan of a cup and a cycle shirt (to be returned in good condition).

We will have our Annual Awards presentation again later in the year.


Lili Jenkins, Sumer Eaglestone and Thomas Giles

SumerCongratulations to Lili Jenkins, Sumer Eaglestone and Thomas Giles who have been awarded athlete of the month for September / October.

Jon says "Sumer has worked really hard on her swimming with a great attitude. Regularly attending both the Tuesday and Friday has improved the quality of her swimming".

Audrey says "Lili regularly attends the sessions and is always keen to learn new skills".



Louis Lord

LouisCongratulations to Louis who was awarded athlete of the month for May.

Louis has been attending training more regularly and has been enjoying the sessions and working hard. He also raced well at the Crystal Palace Triathlon.

Good work Louis, keep it up and keep smiling!


Harry and Elle Horsman


Elle - Athlete of the Month - April 2012Harry - Athlete of the Month - April 2012

Harry contiues to improve in all three triathlon disciplines, making huge improvements in his swimming, he is a regular at both training and races to a high standard in Tristar 2.

Elle has worked very hard to improve her bike and run skills. She is often the only female at training sessions. She attends both training and races regularly to a high standard.


Matthew Brogan

Matthew - Athlete of the Month - March 2012Matthew has made great improvements in all three of his triathlon disciplines, he attends training regularly and always applies himself well.

He is always eager to learn and hungry to improve his performance as an athlete.

Well done Matthew.


Alice HoolahanAlice with her trophyAlice has recently returned to regular training since a five month break due to illness. She has had to start back at a very easy level, aiming to complete 20 minutes of exercise and has showed a lot of maturity and discipline in building herself back to full fitness.

It's great to see Alice back training and with a smile on her face, she is one of the five remaining members who have been with CPT from day one.



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